Like Hip hop Battles ? Breakdancing ? Check World BBoy Classic - Top 8 Battles of the Undisputed at IBE

in art •  3 years ago  (edited)

Do you like Breakdance and hip hop battles ? You should look into the last Notorious IBE 2016 in Netherland

World BBoy Classic did publish the Top 8 Battles of the Undisputed at IBE video on their Facebook Live 2 hours ago

Credit Little Shao Photographer

here is the Video (it's sad steemit does not allow fb video embedding) :

Haven't seen Dancing content posted on steemit, if there are some dancers or even breakdance/hip-hop fans, let me know I'll post more updates about big battle and events.

Enjoy !

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Little Shao is a fantastic dancer-photographer. We need him on STEEMIT :-)
I will propose him :-)

It would be fantastic, yes he is