My entry for // Chibera Contest - Design-A-Logo

in art •  2 months ago

We are now hosting a new Chibera contest! Were giving the community the option to design a logo that might get used for Chibera!

What the rules again?

The logo has the be at least 1920x1080p resolution
Has to be submitted within 7 days since this post was created!
You must put the link to your entry in the chibera discord channel logo-contest
Provide the image with a transparent background

Legal stuff: Well, after all, it’s a “logo” contest, so naturally, all submissions will become property of Chibera Inc., and may or may not be used by Chibera in releases or publications.

The winner will be decided by a board of certified experts, aka us, here at Chibera!

Prizes sponsored by @NobleWitness - Courtesy of @SirCork, @RhondaK, @Gmuxx, &@Anarcho-Andrei: “Best of luck to all contestants and best wishes to the Chibera crew, here’s to a future of fun, gaming and moar steem commerce!” - The NobleWitness Team


Tanks @chibera

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