Inktober Day 2 - Iron Man

in art •  6 months ago

Another day another inktober piece! I liked doing the metal in my last piece (Saint Seiya) so I figured Id give another shiny character a go. I wanted to walk you through a little bit of the process for rendering the piece. First up, the finished piece.

ironmaaan v4.jpg

Here is the line drawing, as you can see, its not particularly well rendered. I really just wanna get the shapes and edges down.
ironmaaan v1.jpg
Then I laid down a simple grey. I added a new multiply layer and started working with my inkwash brush. I have a low opacity on the brush so it allows me to build up the shadows. I'm also not fussing about doing this all that cleanly. I'll select out certain portions with the lasso tool to ease things up but generally, I try to keep it a bit loose. As you can see, I also added some white lines for edges. This is where I think the lighting will hit the hardest and is set on its own layer.

ironmaaan v2.jpg

I've practically finished the shadows here. It doesn't "look right" to me yet. I know the difference in color in the Iron Man yellows and reds should lend themselves to be shown clearly in greyscale but its not quite coming through here. One of the things you learn over time as an artist is to learn where you can "fix" things. From previous pieces, I know that inkwash, even digital inkwash, can get too dark and the linework will lose its definition.
ironmaaan v3.jpg
So where do I fix up the difference in color? Well, I think I can do it with the hard whites Im laying down.
ironmaaan v5.jpg
Combine the reflective whites with the inkwash values and you get a nice contrast. It doesn't quite do the job. I could easily fix it and create a contrast between the yellow and red parts with adjustment layers and masks, but part of the spirit of inktober is letting those imperfections go and learning what you can to use the next day.
ironmaaan v4.jpg

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This is beautiful. Love the shading and sharp tones. I'd like to be able to draw and shade like this one day.

Cool!!! oh, October and inktober again, time flies! (just reminded me about it)

He looks great. I think that the grey color gives him more strength. I like the shades that you've done, nice touches.

I like him better than a colored version. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on a curie vote! Great achievement!

nice piccar, edders <3 i love the soft transition in the darker gray and lighter grey areas :D is very subtle and yet very solid and believable <3

the whites make it P O P


Beautiful drawing, I love that metallic shine, even being just black and white it is possible to recognize different grades of that shiny metal layers. Wonderful idea and thoroughly worked out details with description :)

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This is spectacular. He really looks great. The white and gray shading makes a while lot of difference from the usual colour bright pictires i have seen. I think i like this one more.

I used to have a fascination with greyscale and used the school photocopier, which was black and white, to try and help me guage the scaling for the different colours. I don't think I ever did figure out the best approach, but it was fun experimenting.


Thats an interesting thing to go about it. Its easier these days when you can just flip any picture into greyscale.

In terms of going backwards, I found this twitter thread about coloring old photographs suuuper interesting. You might like it


That is a super interesting thread! It's completely different to what you'd expect!

I have to admit that it looks pretty nice. I am an Iron Man/Marvel fan, so perhaps that makes me a little biased. I genuinely like the rendering though. It is actually kind of cool on a PC that is you press the "page down button" and "page up" quickly, that it almost looks animated.

I am most anxious to see the next Infinity War chapter or whatever they'll be calling it to see what happens to Iron Man and Thanos. No spoilers please. :) I am not a reader of the comics, so I don't know the super details or the stories. My experience with these heroes is primarily hollywood movie, regular TV and animated series based. Very nice.


Thanks for the compliments! The comics are pretty different from the movies. The movies will certainly take broad strokes from the famous comic book arcs but at this point Id be pretty surprised if the Infinity War sequel ends like the comic so I wouldnt worry so much about getting spoiled.


Oh OK good. I was hearing things like Iron Man possibly dies trying to beat Thanos in the comics and stuff like that. I don't think that Hollywood will pull the plug on this gold mine they found anytime soon. At least as long as Robert Downey, Jr and others are willing to play the parts. Anyway, your art skills are damn nice, and that's really the topic here.

This is a lovely post with a lot of thoughtful and well detailed explanation about how you created the picture.
I really like the shine on Iron Man, I guess this is the highlight of the picture? Kehehe forgive the pun.
Congratulations on your curie vote ^_^.

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Hi @edgaruvm, this was a beautiful iron man. I enjoyed your step by steps to show how you progress with your art work.

over time as an artist is to learn where you can "fix" things.

I strongly agreed with you on this point. Art never undo, when you made a mistake, as an artist, you need to know how to “fix” or “cover” the mistakes.
And you need to focus on the art work as well. Normally, when you draw, were you listen to any music so that you can focus? You have drawn the iron man beautifully, and I love how you drawn the contrast. I myself like coloring very much. I hope by your step to step guide, I can start learning how to sketch.

spirit of inktober is letting those imperfections go and learning what you can to use the next day

Yes, this is what I gonna do this weekend. By looking at your drawing, you have inspired me. Thank you very much.

Wow. I know I can't do that! Amazing piece! The white shine really stands out. It's a nice finishing touch.

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