Ballpen Drawing of a Lady

in art •  4 months ago 

I drew this with just a pen. It's amazing how one pen can achieve different shades and values

First Stage

More Progress

Final Shot

Watch out for my next post.....Ballpen Artist
IG: @albertebenezer

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Thank you

That's really cool when you can draw such a beautiful lady with the ballpoint 😉 you're very talented.


Thank you I appreciate


@cisisaja he is one of my very good friend i had to drag him back to steemit i pray he keeps posting his works on this platform 😂


Lol Thanks man

You are very talented artist.


Thank you

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Wow Thank you so much

excellent portrait friend I congratulate you we are few that we draw with just a pen, if you want to visit me to share ideas greetings.


Thanks bro