Must Have Steem Tools For Steem Artists!

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A artist is only as good as the tools he or she can gain access to! On the steem blockchain there is many tools of the craft! Some poeple seem to have steem magic wands, where others cast spells with words! And then there's the wise old whales! Have you mastered steem monsters, used dlive, mastered steem Discord channels! You may have steam tools you don't even know you have yet! Wisdom goes a long way on the steem blockchain. What do you have in your steem bag!! Would love to here in the comments below!!


Okay here we go, here is today's Tools!!

(#16) The Steem Branding Iron!

Not only is the Steem Branding Iron a multi-function tool! You can quickly use it to find out if a person is a true believer in the steem blockchain! You get the torch out and start putting the heat to the iron all while asking if you want it in the shoulder or the chest do you find the blockchain's best people assets! If I make it to steemfest I will give steem brands for free!!

Also great for branding paper, leather, wood and alot more! It can add a pro look to your steem posts. Not recommend for redfish, but it also not a hard rule too! Also it works great on wood power poles if you have them, it's a easy way to tag up your neck of the woods and great to get the word out about steem!!

Here's a few photos of this device!





(#3) Steem Dust Pan!!

Do you have a big mess to clean up after! Well the Steem Dust Pan is one of them most essential tools for all steem users! Where you steem drinking and have a bunch of Steem edits the next morning or have a big mess after creating your next steem masterpiece in the work shop! The Steem Dust Pan will get you thought those tuff jobs! It's nice to have a clean look and professional appearance to your steem posts and this is a must have tool!

Here is few photos of this tool!




(#29) Steem Paddle!

This innovative and helpful tool can be a blessing in many situations! Great for that person staring down at their Facebook feed, posting for free! A quick smack to ass will the Steem Paddle can be a great way to introduce people to the steem blockchain! Also fits perfectly in the back pocket and is great if you find yourself in a boat with no paddling device or to challenge in the game of walk up Table Tennis! Also great on the night stand for play fighting and more!

Here's a look at this Innovative device!




Well there you have it folks, that wraps up this edition of steem tools! Stop by for a follow to catch the next Edition! Stay Cool and Steem-On!

Sept 02/2018

Dylan Hobal is a Metal-Artist on the steem blockchain! He could not afford to do it in the real world! So we're doing it on steem!

For more great steem tools go to today! They have a list there of many great tools for the steem!! Check it out here


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