A Mask Design With Attitude!

in #art3 years ago


Hi all! Since RedBubble lets you design masks,... and I'm not really into cute,.... and you have to pretty much wear them now wherever you go,... well, I thought I'd make a few masks with attitude. This is the first one, the ORC.

I started the creation by rendering ORC character in DAZ Studio,... it took hours to render and didn't come out all that great, but gave me a place to start.


As you can see,.... not so good, lol. But it was a starting point. I then placed the image into my trusty image editor and started using several sets of PS brushes. I painted, and painted, and painted, and painted...... and a few more painted. What I got was pretty on to what I had wanted to create.


So, here it is as a mask:

Screen Shot 20200709 at 12.37.49 PM.png

If you want, pick one up or see more of my work at RedBubble: EPIC ORC MASK

Have a great day!

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