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My attempts at drumming up some press for the comic, and our blog on steemit continue. We had a victory over the weekend when we got covered in the very popular Hoboken/Jersey City news outlet, "Hoboken Girl".


You got to scroll down a ways to get to us in the article, but some people did, because I received a few emails asking to download the comic. Hopefully we got some fellow starving artists reading the news, so we can show them how to get paid for their work on steemit!

I've got an interview with the Ithaca Voice tomorrow morning, and I will of course mention how steemit has helped keep this project afloat through hard financial times.

In the meantime, our Kickstarter has completely stalled. We still got time to turn it around, but if you guys could shout it out on Steemit, or put me in contact with a blogger or influencer you know, I'd be much obliged. Let's make this happen!



Hey, @drwatson.

Congratulations! Victories, large, small or in between are still victories, right?

Definitely need to scroll, but well worth it. Good luck with the next interview and everything moving forward.

Yeah, that was a helluva scroll! How did Ithaqa get placed lower than the article about new dog poo ordinances! 💩

Hey, @bryan-imhoff.

Good question! I was impressed that it managed to make it in there at all, really, given all the other kinds of stories they had. Woman killed, etc. I used to own and publish two very small community newspapers on a weekly basis, so I've had some experience with story placement. Online you generally scroll through the whole of it until you get to the bottom, which means in a printed paper, Ithaqa was probably the penultimate or last page. If I had been doing it, it would have been at least in the middle where our features generally went, and opposite the sports page, where a lot of attention would be. :)

You see now my current city's priorities, haha

Brilliant stuff man! Every bit counts in getting more people to join this crazy corner of internet misfits

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Yeah! Hopefully should have some bigger news tomorrow!

Nice! Have you been able to see if PDF downloads actually ticked up from the article?

As far as I know, just one haha, but every bit helps!

Great job on the coverage! I wish you and steemit continued success!

Thanks man! I think I might have more news tomorrow!

Very cool, I downloaded from the Hoboken!

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

Wow cool. Congratulations on the comics and good luck to the Kickstarter! 🎉🎉🎉

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Fantastic job brother!!!!

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