New commissioned painting

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For an affordable commissioned oil painting contact me here or through my website here
You can also follow me on instagram here


Hello @drew! You aren't by ANY chance relate to a Ralph?! I love your work, do you use palette knives or brushes - the colors, use of texture through the way you attack the canvas with your strokes and bold color is really stunning. This captured my attention immediately - I have followed you and I really look forward to seeing more of your paintings. I do a lot of graphic design and digital painting now, but I grew up classically trained as a painter and oil is one of my most favorite mediums! I used to like to start with an acrylic underpainting then build layers of thin oils on top. Its finally summer here in North Carolina and warm enough to set up on my back porch with my oils to help with the ventilation - this inspires me to get my stuff out and get to painting :)

Hello and thanks you for your kind words!!! No i am not related to Ralph, but i like his work. I mostly use brushes for my paintings, although i sometimes use palette knives( which i did in these cat paintings), tooth brushes and even sewing pins. I have not done much digital painting but i would like to do so more in the future. I hope you have a wonderful and productive summer!!

LOL - I just had to ask - he is one of my most favorite Illustrators! Thank you for letting me know - I thought I could tell there was some palette knife work in there - I love using a palette knife with oils, I love the way the paint feels like smooth butter beneath and you work it on the canvas. Incredible work - looking forward to seeing more!

Great painting and like the technique

Thank you! These were commissioned works and are a little different to my regular work, but definitely still fun to do.

Look forward to more artwork

I love the style here. The rough aggressiveness of the brush-strokes gives a fine contrast to the haunting use of color and the deceptive innocence of the feline predator.

Thank you! so glad you like them

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