Finally finished this painting

in #art4 years ago

Here is my painting entitled "Undone".
Oil on masonite
To see more of my work you can follow me on instagram here
or check out my website here


Good composition, I particularly like the rich blue colouring. The realism is impressive. Personally I will stick to my attempts at impressionist art. It is less demanding.

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thanks for the kind words!! I have been using a lot of blue lately. This piece was really fun to work on. Im so glad you like it!!

I like it because it has something that many paintings do not have these days. Honesty. I prefer an honest piece of work rather than a clever one. Truth will always be more powerful than cleverness because we can not always associate with cleverness but we can always connect with a truth. As a part time art teacher this is what I teach my own students. Don´t try and be clever just be honest.

Thnaks for sharing your thoughts , i appreciate it ! Im always trying to better my skills and tell a story in my paintings. Im so glad you like it!!!

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