This concept of the parallel universe itself is very cool and intriguing. Sometimes I just sit and think about what that universe would be, what I will be doing there and bla bla.
How could you say that there you will be making good decisions?

Thank you so much for your comment and question, I said that because sometimes life is hard and we are challenged with making quick choices about important things with not enough information, I meant it as a self reflection quote

Oh okay, Yeah I get it.
Sometimes self reflection is very important.

I also believe in quantum physics parallel universe and multiple timeline
theories, they feel very logical, notice that I use feel and logical together on purpose because I've observed that for something to feel real both mind and emotions need to be aligned

Oh wow, you have so much knowledge.
Yeah same here for me this parallel universe concept is very cool and appealing.Hope one day science will have breakthrough in this area. when we see this vast universe then anything could be possible.

Wow amazing Art and awesome looking, Thanks for sharing @doram

Thank you! so happy you like it, I really appreciate your comment

Thank you for upvote :) @doram

You're welcome Isabella :) and good luck in our Steemit community

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