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RE: Redrawing Chris Yuu Senpai of Diamond No Ace (FanArt 2017 --> 2020)

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Chris senpai!!!
I was just watching the new episode!
Well, Miyuki senpai is my babe but I must say I miss Chris senpai in the show.
His voice is definitely handsomely great xD
I’m so happy to see you improving on your drawing.
I haven’t been drawing at all lately :(


I know how you love Miyuki-senpai, sis! hahaha
But I just can't avoid Chris-senpai's charm... so even though he's not in second Act a lot, he's still my fave... haha
Thank you sis... but actually, I just started drawing yesterday after a while... hahaha.. xD
Hopefully, we'd get more time and motivation.. lol