my living plant

in art •  7 months ago

Hello everybody
today I wanted to show you my plant that I have, it's sensitive to touch, but I do not know his name and I would like someone to tell me

she bends down when I touch her my friend wanted to do the same thing as me when I touched the plant but I was afraid he would break it if you saw how he touched it that's the second hand

at the same time I would like to know when the planting period of the rose because I have the black rose grain and I do not know how to plant and in what season

for that even if there are links or I can have information about black roses please show them to me thank you

video recorded by an HTC One M7

lien de la video :!/v/djafar00007/ufsgofp9

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it's very fun these plants

I think the rose is planting in the spring

Very good thanks so much

Thank you for post it's very good information

The man who loves plants and means that he is a very sensitive person must be as a subject worthy of reading.

j'aime beaucoup les plantes

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The beautiful black halvite rose is found in Turkey, especially black roses and is characterized by its dark black color