The impenetrable version of the dark knight in the series "Dark Nights"

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Today I will tell you about a character named Batman Devastator. His real name is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman and the Destroyer. Actions began to take place on Earth -1. Bruce was the only son of physician Thomas Wayne (-1) and Martha Wayne (-1). As a young child, the main character loved to wear one of his father's fancy dresses, which resembled a bat. It all started when, during the robbery, Bruce is saved by the Shadow (-1), which inspired the main character. A few weeks later, Wayne, leaving the cinema in the evening, headed for the house. On the way home, Wayne is attacked by a burglar named Joe Chill (-1). After some time, Joe kills Thomas and Martha in front of Bruce. Immediately after that, Chill runs away. After some time, the main character is comforted by Leslie Tompkins, who decided to look after Bruce. Immediately after that, Bruce promised himself that he would bring to justice any unassuming killer and avenge the death of his parents. Also, Wayne promised himself that someday he would find out the truth about Joe's actions. After the funeral, the social service transferred the protagonist to the care of his uncle Philip Wayne. Unfortunately, since his uncle was forced to travel because of his work and was rarely at home, Bruce became friends with a housekeeper, Mrs. Chilton. A few years later, when the protagonist became a teenager, he began to study everything he could about the police procedure. Right after that, Bruce decides to track down the city’s most famous police detective Harvey Harris (-1). Wearing a bright red, yellow-green suit to hide his identity, Wayne tracked down Harvey only to find a criminal waiting for an ambush. After some time, the main character, using a large commercial in the form of a bell, kills the bandit and saves Harris's life. Harvey was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the teenager that he agreed to take him under his wing. After some time, Harvey calls Bruce Robin (-1). As a result, Wayne spent several weeks training under the tutelage of Harris. Also, Harris instructed the protagonist on the intricacies of identifying criminals, taught gymnastics and hand-to-hand combat. Working together, Bruce and Harvey became inseparable. A few years later, Wayne and Harris managed to inflict a noticeable blow on the underworld. When the main character turned 18 years old, he went to college, parting with Harvey. Bruce specialized not only in criminology, but also in science. After 4 years, Wayne was almost ready to fulfill his dream of a lifetime, becoming an agent of law enforcement. After graduation, the protagonist began to reevaluate his future. Bruce acknowledged the fact that law enforcement agencies were often the victims of an endless bureaucracy that prevented them from seeking justice. A few days later, Wayne traveled around the world, preparing for his final crusade. During this journey, the protagonist visited many places for different purposes. Bruce studied in Mexico with a sorcerer to hone his wisdom and learn to trust his instincts. A few years later, the protagonist returned to the Wayne estate and took control of his father's business interests in Wayne Enterprises (-1), but there was still an unresolved question about his oath on the grave. A few days later, Bruce sat in his office, pondering his dilemma. When the bat flew into Wayne’s room from an open window, the protagonist remembered the bat costume he wore as a child. Immediately after that, Bruce decides to become a living symbol, like a bat, and inspire terror in the hearts of all criminals. So Batman appeared. After some time, Wayne began his personal crusade against criminals who were terrifying in Gotham (-1). After defeating several criminals, the protagonist proved to be an effective crime fighter. After some time, Bruce enlisted the support of Gotham Police Commissioner, named James Gordon (-1). A few weeks later, Wayne was brought to the traveling Hali Circus (-1) during an investigation into the local mafia boss. After some time, Batman notices that the Flying Graysons (-1) became victims of the mafia boss, as a result of which Richard "Dick" Grayson (-1) became an orphan. Immediately after that, the main character took Dick under his wing, after which he began to focus the child’s anger in training to increase his skills. As a result, Grayson became Bruce's junior partner, named Robin. After some time, Alfred Pennyworth (-1) came to the Wayne estate. During the conversation, Wayne learns that Alfred decides to become a butler. Although at first the protagonist and Richard kept their identity secrets a secret, Alfred soon found out about their identity identity and began helping Bruce and Robin, adding Batcave service to his many duties on Wayne's estate. After some time, Wayne and Grayson together began to protect Gotham from many costumed villains, as well as from influential crime lords and bosses. Batman and Robin also began to work in many far-reaching matters outside of Gotham, in which other heroes also participated, including Superman (-1). A few days later, the main character joins Superman and other famous heroes to repel the invasion of space alien Starro (-1), who planned to enslave the entire planet Earth and its population. After the heroes defeated Starro, Bruce became a member of the Justice League (-1), which included:

  • Batman
  • Aquaman (-1)
  • Flash (-1)
  • Green Lantern (-1)
  • Martian Hunter (-1)
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman (-1)
  • Plastic Man (-1)
  • Red Tornado (-1)
  • Hawkman (-1)
  • Atom (-1)
    A few months later, Wayne meets the Lengthening Man (-1) and Atom (-1), who join Batman. After some time, the heroes defeat several wanted criminals. A few years later, the main character began to experiment with the Doomsday virus (-1). A few weeks later, Superman, for unknown reasons, became a villain. After some time, Bruce learns that Clark killed all the people of Gotham and Metropolis (-1), including supervillains. Fortunately, Wayne and the rest of the Justice League survived. A few weeks later, Batman creates a kryptonite spear to kill Kent. Some time later, Superman killed the rest of the Justice League, except for the main character. Right after that, Clark attacks Bruce. A battle ensued, during which Kent cuts off Wayne's hand with his thermal vision. After some time, Batman introduces himself a new Doomsday virus. As a result, the main character becomes like Doomsday (-1), ceasing to feel remorse, pity and love. Also, Bruce has a new arm. So Batman Devastator appeared. Immediately after this, the Destroyer attacks Superman. A fight ensued during which Wayne kills Clark. Some time later, the protagonist spread his virus throughout Metropolis. A few hours later Batman moved to Bruce, who is laughing. During the conversation, Wayne learns about the Dark Multiverse, other dark Batman, Earth 0, the ordinary Multiverse and Batman (0). After a conversation, Bruce (-22) invites Batman Devastator to join his team. Destroyer agrees.
    A few years later, the action ended on Earth 0. When Barbatos moved Batman (0), a portal was opened in Batman's place (0), through which the dark Batmen and Barbatos passed. After some time, the dark Batmen learn that their base is the "Mountain of Challengers", which appeared in Gotham. Immediately after this, the main character becomes a member of the Dark Knights, which include:
  • Batman who laughs
  • Batman Red Death
  • Batman Murder Machine
  • Batman Dawnbreaker
  • Batman Drowned
  • Batman Merciless
  • Batman Devastator
    After talking with Superman (0) and Wonder Woman (0), the Dark Knights knock out Clark and Diana. After some time, the King of Terror sends the Devastator to Metropolis (0), taking with him Kent and Wonder Woman. Arriving in Metropolis, the Destroyer quickly connects Superman and Diana to the bomb, which is charged with the energy of the heroes of any Earth. Also, this bomb should destroy Earth 0. Some time later, Bruce (-1), becoming a man, comes to the "Dailey Planet" and meets Lois Lane (-1). Right after that, Wayne quietly turned Lois into the second carrier of the virus. After the conversation, the main character becomes the Devastator. Some time later, the Destroyer, using Lane, spread his virus throughout Metropolis, turning most of its inhabitants into Doomsday. After the conversation, Bruce (-1) is attacked by Supergirl (0), Superman (0) and Sentinel (0), and Lois runs away. A battle ensued, during which Wayne (-1) defeats the heroes, and the remaining inhabitants of the Metropolis, thanks to Lane, turned into the Doomsday. Some time later, the protagonist builds his own Batcave near Metropolis. After 1 day, Bruce (-1) arrives at Fortress of Solitude (0) to pick up Cammerton (0). Right after that, Wayne (-1) is attacked by the Firestorm (0), Flash (Wally West) (0), Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Green Lantern (Simon Baz) (0) and Lobo (0). A battle ensued, during which Batman Devastator defeats the heroes and takes Cammerton. Arriving on the mountain of Challengers, the Destroyer connects Cammerton to the bomb, and then returns to Metropolis, taking Cammerton with him. Arriving at the Fortress of Solitude, the protagonist connects Cammerton to the Fortress. A few days later, Wayne (-22) sends the Murder Machine to the Watchtower to capture the Watchtower and Detroit, as well as defeating Cyborg (0). When Bruce (-44) defeats Victor, the Dark Knights move to the Watchtower and attack the battered Cyborg. A battle ensued during which the Dark Knights defeated Victor. After some time, the Clown tells Cyborg about the Dark Knights, Barbathos, and the Dark Multiverse. Immediately after this, the Murder Machine causes Victor's mind and eyes to travel and see all the living Earths that are in the Dark Multiverse. A few days later, Batman who laughs moves Bruce (-1) and the rest of the Dark Knights to the city of Bane (0). After the conversation, Doctor Fate (0) moves to the city of Bane, who immediately moves the Green Arrow (0), Robin (Damian Wayne) (0), Mr. Terrific (0) and Nightwing (0) to an unknown location. Returning to Metropolis, Wayne (-1) notices that Clark has escaped. When Superman entered the city of Mr. Freeze (0), the Dark Knights attack him. A battle ensued during which Clark was rescued by Flash (Barry Allen) (0) and Doctor Fate. A few hours later, Batman who laughs sends the Devastator and the Murder Machine to the Fortress of Solitude. Arriving at the Fortress of Solitude, the Destroyer and Bruce (-44) attack Flash (Barry Allen) and Steel (0). A battle ensued, during which the main character and Wayne (-44) defeat Steel, and Barry escapes. Right after that, Bruce (-1) and the Murder Machine move up the mountain of Challengers. Some time later, the rest of the Dark Knights returned, bringing with them Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (0), Wonder Woman (0) and Aquamen (0). Meanwhile, Bruce (-44) and the King of Terror are connecting the Suicide Squad (0), Young Titans (0), Devstroke (0), Doctor Fate and Mr. Terrific to a bomb that charges the energy of the heroes of any Earth. Some time later, Devastator notices that someone has cracked and disabled the Alfred Protocol. It turned out that it was a Cyborg. Immediately after this, Cyborg, having freed Aquaman, Jordan, Allen, and Wonder Woman, attacks the Dark Knights. A battle ensued during which the heroes liberate Deathstroke, Doctor Fate, Raven, and Mr. Terrific. Immediately after this, Barbatos moves to the Dark Knights, and the heroes move to unknown places. Some time later, Dawnbreaker, Merciless and Destroyer move to Tanagar Prime, after which they attack the Martian Manhunter (0), Hal, Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man (0). A battle ensued, during which Bruce (-32), Bruce (-12) and the main character defeat John, Jordan, Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man. Immediately after that, all three, taking the heroes with them, move back to the mountain of the Challengers. A few hours later, the Dark Knights, moving to their spaceship, went to the House of Heroes to find and destroy the ship of Ultima Thule, Flash, Raven and Cyborg. When the heroes moved to the ship of the Dark Knights, Bruce (-1) notices that Flash destroyed the core of the new born positive universe, and the Red Death, having absorbed the energy of the core, becomes Flash (-52). When the heroes returned to Ultima Tula and fled, Flash (-52) exploded. Arriving at the captured House of Heroes, the Dark Knights blow up part of the City of Heroes. A few hours later, the Dark Knights are attacked by Aquaman, Deathstroke, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man and Mr. Terrifik. During the battle, Batman (0), Superman (0), good alternative versions of Batman (0) and good alternative versions of Detective Chimp join the heroes. A battle ensued during which the heroes defeat the rest of the Dark Knights. It all ended up Clark killing Wayne (-1).
    Batman Devastator has:
  • transformation
  • regeneration
  • reactive adaptation
  • radiation generation
  • kryptonite breathing
  • toxicosis
  • infection
  • call
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman strength
  • flight
    Also, the Destroyer is a master of hand-to-hand combat.
    The disadvantage of the protagonist is reduced intelligence.
    Bruce's equipment is a Batman costume (-1) and a kryptonite spear.
    I hope you will enjoy.

    Thank you all, subscribe to my blog!

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