The horrific version of the dark knight in the series "Dark Nights"

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Now I present to you a character named Batman Dawnbreaker. His real name is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, the Dawnbreaker and the Green Lantern. Actions began to take place on Earth -32. Bruce was the only son of physician Thomas Wayne (-32) and Martha Wayne (-32). As a young child, the main character loved to wear one of his father's fancy dresses, which resembled a bat. It all started when, during the robbery, Bruce is saved by the Shadow (-32), which inspired the main character. A few weeks later, Wayne, leaving the cinema in the evening, headed for the house. On the way home, Wayne is attacked by a burglar named Joe Chill (-32). After some time, Joe kills Thomas and Martha in front of Bruce. Immediately after that, Chill runs away. After some time, Wayne stopped feeling emotions, including fear, anger and sadness. A few minutes later, the protagonist notices the ring of the Green Lantern (-32) flying over him. Having caught the ring, Bruce puts it on. So the Green Lantern appeared. Having caught up with Joe, Wayne tried to kill him. Unfortunately, the ring did not allow the protagonist to kill Chill. When Bruce defiled his ring, as a result of which he unblocked deadly attacks. Right after that, Wayne, using the ring, kills Joe Chill. When the Green Lantern, using the ring, tried to resurrect his parents, he managed to resurrect them for only 5 seconds. Right after that, the main character flies away. A few days later, Bruce transfers the main battery of the Green Lantern Corps (-32) to his Green Cave (-32). When Wayne was 18 years old, he began to be called the greatest hero of Gotham (-32). After 2 days, the Green Lantern kills a policeman who threatened him. As a result, the protagonist enlisted the support of Gotham Police Commissioner, named James Gordon (-32). A few days later, Bruce kills the Scarecrow (-32). A few days later, Wayne finds the Penguin gang (-32) and attacks it. A battle ensued, during which the Green Lantern kills the Penguin people, and takes the Penguin with itself. Reaching the moon (-32), the main character kills the Penguin, tearing it apart. After 1 day, James arrives at Bruce. During the conversation, Wayne learns that Gordon knows the secret of the Green Lantern identity. After the conversation, the main character, using the ring, kills James. Immediately after that, the Green Lantern Corps moves towards Bruce. After the conversation, the Green Lantern Corps attacks Wayne. A battle ensued, during which the main character, using his ring, kills the entire Green Lantern Corps. A few days later, the main character kills Atrocitus (-32), Hector Hammond (-32), Larfries (-32) and Sinestro (-32). Coming to the Green Cave, the Green Lantern, having noticed a flock of bats, decides to become a bat. Upon entering the battery, Bruce creates new armor to become Batman. So Batman Dawnbreaker appeared. Right after that, Wayne says his own oath:
"With darkness black, I choke the light!
No brightest day escapes my sight!
I turn the dawn into midnight!
Beware my power... Dawnbreaker's Might!"
Immediately after this, Earth-32 ceased to exist, and Batman began to fly in the void. After some time, Batman Red Death, Batman Murder Machine and Batman who laughs moved to the main character. During the conversation, Bruce learns about the Dark Multiverse, other dark Batman, Earth 0, the ordinary Multiverse and Batman (0). After a conversation, Bruce (-22) invites Wayne (-32) to join his team. Batman Dawnbreaker agrees.
A few days later, actions continued on Earth -11. Wayne (-22) recruits Batman Drowned.
After a few days, the actions of the Earth continued -12. Batman who laughs, and Robins are recruiting Batman Merciless.
A few days later, actions continued on Earth -1. Clown recruits Batman Devastator.
A few days later, actions continued on Prime Earth. When Barbatos moved Batman (prime), a portal opened on the site of Batman (prime), through which the dark Batmen and Barbatos passed. After some time, the dark Batmen learn that their base is the "Mountain of Challengers", which appeared in Gotham. Immediately after this, Dawnbreaker becomes the leader of the Dark Knights, which include:

  • Batman who laughs
  • Batman Red Death
  • Batman Murder Machine
  • Batman Dawnbreaker
  • Batman Drowned
  • Batman Merciless
  • Batman Devastator
    After talking with Superman (prime) and Wonder Woman (prime), the Dark Knights knock out Clark and Diana. After some time, the King of Terror sends the Devastator to Metropolis to capture Metropolis, turn its inhabitants into Doomsday, and also connect Kent and Wonder Woman to the bomb, which is charged with the energy of the heroes of any Earth. Also, this bomb is supposed to destroy Earth 0. After a few days, Wayne (-22) sends the Murder Machine to the Watchtower to capture the Watchtower and Detroit, as well as defeat Cyborg (prime). When Bruce (-44) defeats Victor, the Dark Knights move to the Watchtower and attack the battered Cyborg. A battle ensued during which the Dark Knights defeated Victor. After some time, the Clown tells Cyborg about the Dark Knights, Barbathos, and the Dark Multiverse. Immediately after this, the Murder Machine causes Victor's mind and eyes to travel and see all the living Earths that are in the Dark Multiverse. A few days later, Bruce (-22) sends Batman Dawnbreaker to Coast City. Calling in Coast City, the protagonist kills several people. Right after that, Bruce (-32) is attacked by the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (prime). A battle ensued during which Wayne (-32) defeats Hal, who is saved by Doctor Fate (prime). Immediately afterwards, Batman Dawnbreaker conquers Coast City. A few days later, the Dawnbreaker built his own Batcave near Coast City. A few days later, Batman who laughs moves the protagonist and the rest of the Dark Knights to the city of Bane (prime). After the conversation, Doctor Fate (prime) moves to the city of Bane, who immediately moves the Green Arrow (prime), Robin (Damian Wayne) (prime), Mr. Terrific (prime) and Nightwing (prime) to an unknown location. Back in Coast City, Bruce (-32) kills Green Lantern (Guy Garner) (prime), Green Lantern (Kyle Reiner) (prime), Green Lantern (John Stuart) (prime), Atrocytus (prime), Hector Hammond (prime), Larfries (prime) and Sinestro (prime). When Superman (prime) entered the city of Mr. Freeze (prime), the Dark Knights attack him. A battle ensued during which Clark was rescued by Flash (Barry Allen) (prime) and Doctor Fate. A few hours later, Bruce (-22) sends the protagonist to his own Batcave, which is located near Coast City. Moving to his Batcave, Bruce (-32) notices and attacks the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). A battle ensued, during which Wayne (-32) defeats Hal. When the Dawnbreaker and the rest of the Dark Knights returned to the mountain of Challengers, bringing with them Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman and Aquaman (prime), the Murder Machine and Clown connect the Suicide Squad, Young Titans, Deathstroke (prime), Doctors Fate and Mr. Terrific to the bomb, which is charged with the energy of the heroes of any Earth. Right after that, Wayne (-44), activating the Alfred Protocol, tried to connect Barry, Jordan, Diana and Arthur to the bomb. Some time later, Batman Dawnbreaker notices that someone has cracked and disabled the Alfred Protocol. It turned out that it was a Cyborg. Immediately after this, Cyborg, having freed Aquaman, Jordan, Allen, and Wonder Woman, attacks the Dark Knights. A battle ensued during which the heroes liberate Deathstroke, Doctors Fate, Raven, and Mr. Terrific. Immediately after this, Barbatos moves to the Dark Knights, and the heroes move to unknown places. Some time later, the protagonist, Merciless and Devastator moves to Tanagar Prime, after which they attack the Martian Manhunter (prime), Hal, Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man (prime). A battle ensued, during which the Dawnbreaker, Merciless and Devastator defeat John, Jordan, Mr. Terrific and Plastic Man. Immediately after that, all three, taking the heroes with them, move back to the mountain of the Challengers. A few hours later, the Dark Knights, moving to their spaceship, went to the House of Heroes to find and destroy the ship of Ultima Thule, Flash, Raven and Cyborg. When the heroes moved to the ship of the Dark Knights, the main character and the Drowned attack Raven (prime) and Cyborg. A battle ensued during which Raven and Victor defeated Bruce (-32) and Bryce (-11). When the heroes returned to Ultima Tula and fled, Flash (-52) exploded. Arriving at the captured House of Heroes, the Dark Knights blow up part of the City of Heroes, and the Dawnbreaker learns that Ultima Thule received a message from Earth 53. The main character was surprised because there are only 52 Earth in the ordinary Multiverse, in his opinion. A few hours later, the Dark Knights are attacked by Aquaman, Deathstroke, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man and Mr. Terrific. During the battle, Batman (prime), Superman (prime), good alternative versions of Batman (prime) and good alternative versions of Detective Chimp join the heroes. A battle ensued, during which the heroes kill the Devastator and the Drowned, and also defeat the Murder Machine, the main character, Barbatos and Merciless. Right after that, Bruce (prime) releases the Monitor and assigns him to the rest of the Justice League (prime). As a result, the Justice League and Monitor restore Prime Earth and the entire Multiverse, and the Dawnbreaker is locked up in an unknown place.
    Bruce has:
  • indomitable will
  • creation of dark energy structures
  • creation of force fields
  • superhuman strength
  • negative energy
  • creating energy projections
  • flight
  • infection
  • own oath
    Wayne's equipment is the defiled ring of the Green Lantern.
    I hope you appreciate it.

    Thank you all, subscribe to my blog!

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