The Dark Knight and Speedster Hybrid from the Dark Nights series

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Now I present to you a character named Batman Red Death. His real name is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman and Red Death. Actions began to take place on Earth -52 after Flashpoint. It all started when Bruce found out about Flashpoint. A few months later, Wayne goes crazy and decides to use the villains' weapons (-52) against Flash (-52). A few days later, Batman attacks Barry to pick up his speed. A battle ensued, as a result of which Allen defeats the main character who used the updated Batmobile (-52). When Flash tried to calm Bruce, he, using Captain Cold's cannon (-52), freezes Barry's leg and knocks him out. After that, Wayne rivets Allen to the hood of his Batmobile. When Batman accelerated the Batmobile to the right speed to get into the Speed ​​Force, the main character and Flash moved to the Speed ​​Force. After the conversation, Speed ​​Force connects Bruce and Barry. So Batman appeared the Red Death, the second person of which was Barry. In a few days, the Red Death killed Scarecrow (-52), Riddler (-52), Penguin (-52) and Man-bat (-52). Later Batman who laughs moved to the main character. After the conversation, Bruce (-22) invites Bruce (-52) to join his team. Wayne (-52) agrees.
A few days later, actions continued on Earth -44. Wayne (-52) recruits Batman Murder Machine.
A few days later, actions continued on the ground -32. Clown recruits Batman Dawnbreaker.
A few days later, operations continued on Earth -11. The King of Terror recruits Batman Drowned.
A few days later, actions continued on Earth -12. Batman who laughs and Robins (-22) recruit Batman Merciless.
A few days later, actions continued on Earth -1. Bruce (-22) recruits Batman Devastator.
A few days later, the action ended on Prime Earth. When Barbatos moved Batman (prime) to the Dark Multiverse, a portal opened in the place of Bruce (prime), through which the dark Batmen and Barbatos passed. After some time, the dark Batmen learn that their base is the "Mountain of Challengers", which appeared in Gotham (prime). After that, the main character becomes a member of the Dark Knights. The Dark Knights include:

  • Batman who laughs
  • Batman Red Death
  • Batman Murder Machine
  • Batman Dawnbreaker
  • Batman Drowned
  • Batman Merciless
  • Batman Devastator
    After talking with Superman (prime) and Wonder-Woman (prime), the Dark Knights knock out Clark and Diana. A few hours later, Wayne (-22) sends the Red Death to Central City (prime) so Bruce (-52) captures it. Running to Central City, Wayne (-52) finds Iris West (prime) and Kid Flash (Wally West) (prime). After the conversation, Speed ​​Force bats accelerate the age of Iris and Wally. After a few seconds, the main character is attacked by Flash (Barry Allen) (prime). A battle ensued, as a result of which Bruce (-52) defeats Barry, who is saved by Doctor Fate (prime). Right after that, Wayne (-52) captures Central City. A few days later, Batman Red Death built his own Batcave under Central City. A few hours later, Batman who laughs sends the Murder Machine to the Watchtower to capture the Watchtower and Detroit, and defeat Cyborg (prime). When Bruce (-44) defeats Victor, the Dark Knights move to the Watchtower and attack the battered Stone. A battle ensued, as a result of which the Dark Knights defeat Cyborg. After some time, the Clown tells Victor about the Dark Knights, Barbathos and the Dark Multiverse. A few days later, the King of Terror moves the Red Death and the rest of the Dark Knights to the city of Bane (prime). After a conversation, Doctor Fate (prime) moves to the city of Bane, who immediately moves the Green Arrow (prime), Robin (Damian Wayne) (prime), Mr. Terrific (prime) and Nightwing (prime) to an unknown place. When Superman (prime) entered the city of Mr. Freeze (prime), the Dark Knights attack him. A battle ensued, as a result of which Clark was saved by Flash (Barry Allen) (prime) and Doctor Fate. A few hours later, Bruce (-22) sends the protagonist to his own Batcave, which is located under Central City. Moving to his Batcave, Bruce (-52) notices and attacks Barry (prime). A battle ensued, as a result of which Wayne (-52), using the improved Flashmobile (-52), the improved Jokermobile (-52), the improved Batmobiles (-52) and the improved Robin motorcycle (-52) defeated Allen (prime). When Batman the Red Death and the rest of the Dark Knights returned to the mountain of Challengers, bringing with them Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (prime), Wonder-Woman and Aquaman (prime), Murder Machine and Clown connect the Suicide Squad (prime), Young Titans (prime), Deathstroke (prime), Doctors Fate and Mr. Terrific to the bomb, which is charged with the energy of the heroes of any Earth. Right after that, Wayne (-44), activating the Alfred Protocol, tried to connect Barry, Jordan, Diana and Arthur to the bomb. Some time later, Red Death notices that someone has cracked and disabled the Alfred Protocol. It turned out to be Cyborg. Immediately after this, Victor, having freed Aquaman, Jordan, Allen, and Wonder-Woman, attacks the Dark Knights. A battle ensued, as a result of which the heroes liberate Deathstroke, Doctors Fate, Raven and Mr. Terrific. After that, Barbatos moves to the Dark Knights, and the heroes move to unknown places. Later, the protagonist, Murder Machine, Black Manta (prime) and the Drowned move to the center of the Prime Earth, after which they attack Aquaman (prime) and Deathstroke (prime). A battle ensued, as a result of which Bruce (-52), Bruce (-44) and Bryce (-11) defeat Arthur and Slade. Immediately after that, all three, taking the heroes with them, move back to the mountain of the Challengers. A few hours later, the Dark Knights, moving to their spaceship, went to the House of Heroes to find and destroy the ship of Ultima Thule, Flash, Raven. When the heroes moved to the Dark Knights ship, Wayne (-52) attacks Barry. It all ended with Allen (prime) destroying the nucleus of a new, born positive universe, and Batman Red Death absorbing the energy of the nucleus, as a result of which Batman’s identity (-52) and the color of the Red Death costume disappeared. As a result, the main character became a Flash (-52).
    Bruce has:
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman reflexes
  • superhuman stamina
  • superhuman dexterity
  • Speed Force Aura
  • superhuman longevity
  • creation of energy bats
  • infection
  • creation of nanite structures
  • improved brilliant intelligence
  • scientific knowledge
  • technical innovations
    Wayne is also a professional acrobat and martial artist.
    The disadvantages of Batman's Red Death are the monstrous appearance and instability of power.
    I hope you will like it.

    Thank you all, subscribe to my blog!

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