Robbery young version of Spiderman in Spider force part 1

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Now the story goes about a character named Spider-Kid. His real name is Peter Parker. His unreal name is Charlie Parker. This character is a lonely teenager. Actions began on Earth 218, when the main character, returning from school, saw strangers robbing his friend. Peter shoots burglars on his phone, intimidating them. Immediately after that, one of the robbers threatens Charlie with a pistol, but he slapped the faces of the criminals with his web. A fight ensued, during which Spider-Kid deals with the robbers, takes all the money from them and, putting on his costume, flies on the web to his home. Arriving home, Peter puts the selected money in his safe, which was top to bottom filled with thousands of bills. After 2 minutes, Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton) penetrates to Kidu. A fight ensued, during which Spider-Kid throws money and a safe into Burton. Ashley dodged it. Immediately after this, Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton) told Peter about the other Earths and other spiders.
Actions continued on the original Earth 616 at the Second Base of the Superior Octopus, where spiders are attacked by one of the robots of Octavius. Ashley and Charlie defeat the robot, after which the Scarlet Spider (Kain Parker) approaches them and said that he is assembling his own team of spidermens to take away and destroy the Solus crystal from Verna. Also, spiders wear suits that do not transmit radiation. Spider-Woman also joins the spider team (Jessica Drew (616)).
Actions continued on the radioactive Earth 3145, when Cain assembled his own team of Spider-Mens, which included:

  • Scarlet Spider (Kain Parker)
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
  • Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton)
  • Spider-Kid
    On arrival, Kain breaks the teleport clock at the team, explaining that the spiders will not return home. After some time, the team of spiders fought with Verna and her Beast Six. A fight ensued, during which the spiders escape from Verna and are attacked by the Space Agent Anti-Venom (John Jameson (3145)).
    To be continued...
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