Hybrid of the gnome and savior Tony Stark from the series "Infinity Warps"

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Today we will talk about a character named blacksmith Adri (dwarf Adri + Ho Inson). All actions take place in the "World of Warp", which is located in the original Universe 616. It all started when the blacksmith wandered into the thicket of the forest and was found by dark elves. The elves made Aidry make weapons for them.
A few years later, Sigurd Stark (Iron Man (Tony Stark) + Thor), poisoned with poison, led to the main character. The elves wanted Sigurd and the blacksmith to build weapons for them together. However, Aidri creates Sigurda armor with magical runes that hold back the poison in his body, not allowing him to get to the heart. Also, in the armor there is an artificial all-seeing intellect, called H. E. I. M. D. A. L. (J. A. R. R. V. I. S. + Heimdal). After some time, the blacksmith went into the thicket of the forest and met Crimson Course (Anton Vanco + Course Blue). To gain time for Stark, Aidri sacrifices himself to the Course.
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