4 beautiful homestay shimmering in Moc Chau - Sapa, Vietnam

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Moc Chau, Sapa are certainly close to many people. If every time you have traveled, you have to find expensive hotel. But, You have more options with a variety of homestays now. Not only beautiful, convenient, affordable, but the most interesting thing in the homestay is that you are free to use that "base" in your way as well.

1. Moc Chau

1.1. Moc Chau Arena Villege
Address: Km 122/180 National Road 6, Chieng Di District, Nong Truong Town, Moc Chau, Son La.
Price: 700k / night for Bugalow Container room, 600k / night for Japanese room and 200k / night for collective stilt house.

Moc Chau Arena Villege is a series of rooms made from huge containers with full facilities inside. Each container carries a separate color such as white, pink, blue, yellow. All these containers are located on a beautiful green tea hills to astonishment and all have a view overlooking the plum garden and the tea hills.

2. Sapa

2.1. Phơri's House
Address: Ta Van, Sapa
Price: $ 30 / night for 2 people (~ 700k VND). Add a 3rd person to the $ 10 surcharge.
Goodbye the smoke of the city, or busy everyday, Phorri's House will make you feel like you are lost in another world. The Phori's House is a small house on the hill, but it's large enough for you to invite your friends to go along and small enough for you can feel the warmth and comfort of the place.

It is sincere advice to turn off all electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPad, laptop when you come here to enjoy the full feeling of living in harmony with nature. How long have you been sitting in the water, watching each fish swim in the stream or just go to the garden and breathe fresh air? The House of Phori will help you to find that simple, peaceful experience.

There is a soft mattress bed, some small toys, some good books on the shelf for you to lie down on. Not to stop there, the kitchen of Phori's House is equipped with full facilities and tools to spoil your talent.

2.2. Gem Valley

Address: Cat Cat Village, Sapa
Price: 200 - 250,000 / night and can be in the living room at a much cheaper price.
Come to Gem Valley you will understand what a dream come true: Wake up to the sunlit window and the golden terraces. Gem Valley is actually a gallery combining coffee shops and homestay by a family of Hanoian artists founded and managed.

Source: http://pressonline.vn/4-homestay-dep-lung-linh-o-moc-chau-sapa-de-vi-vu-ngay-cuoi-tuan-nay-p-14419.html
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Absolutely beautiful!

its really very very beautifull place @dihoa...i wish to see this place one day

Thank you for visiting my blog a while ago.
This time I came to see your articles.

Beautiful! Thanks for the info. We plan to go there in the near future. Is it on Air B&B?

Wow, your post is very cool!

wow beautiful view...upvoted and followed you

Absolutely beautiful

wow nice post..upvoted..im following you now.

Thank for sharing. P/s: Upvoted and followed you!

Love your photos! Looks so tranquil and beautiful.

It's beautiful. So are you. :)

The trip is really cool.
You are too pretty
I'll follow you ~

It's very very very beautiful, and you too.

dihoa you are fabulous, amazing work . Inever thought Vietnam is such beautiful , i wish to travel there one day.

Wow! So peaceful. Great job

It is very beautiful as you say to me, I salute you ... indeed you prove what you say , @dihoa...

beautiful .... wonderful ... images @dihoa

Beautiful pictures. Vietnam is lovely @dihoa

Beautiful photos

So nice place

BEAUTIFUL! It looks so peaceful :-) Great visuals as well!

Nice pictures, good atmosphere of the country. Would love to travel there one day. Cheers.

Amazing post and pics, thanks for sharing.😊

Hope to make it next winter to Sapa again - will have a look at your recommendations! Thank you :-)

Amazing wiew :0) I would love to be there..lol
So beautiful place to be. Love ur pics and post.
Thx for sharing. Upvotef

Wow says it all

Beautiful pictures! You are an excellent blogger and it seems you just started! Do you have any experience with it?

All of those places look so relaxing! I need to get some R&R in nature

Super beautiful! I like this place! Keep doing the good things

Beautiful pictures :D

It looks very nice. It would have been better if there had not been a container made of demirdas, if there were bungalow houses built in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Wood is both healthy and harmonious with nature. Despite everything, I would still like to be in these pictures.

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