Steemit Exclusive : A Graphic Design Class! Lesson 1 - An Overview of the field.

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Hello and welcome to


It's time to give something to the community!

After the warm welcome that I got, I immediately started working on this Steem exclusive class, where I will try my best to guide you through the whole graphic design field!

Together we will learn about all the forms that design can take, as well as explore some of the most iconic works of each medium. This is a very volume heavy topic, so I have decided to cut it into lessons. In Each lesson, I will show and explain one of the graphic design mediums. The goal of this school is to give you basics and understanding about the purpose of each medium. Maybe you're a creative soul, and sometime in the future, you will want to create something whether it is a hobby, or work!

So let's get to it!

Lesson #1

An Overview of the field

What is design about?

Simply said, it's about the message. A message that you send to people, through a graphic medium. Your goal is to make people listen to you and to make sure that your message will be heard. People are busy. They're easily distracted, and you should always be aware of how much attention your viewer has available. If your message takes long a time to understand, viewers will mostly ignore you.
A message can last for a second, or for an hour, and both times it may be effective.
Why is that? Because graphic mediums have different purposes and different messages. Let me show you how I personally categorize them :


They gotta be quick. One second. Quick message.


Rather than quick it must be visually appealing. However it won't help much if the product is bad quality. (Nice looking carton of milk, nice looking book cover).


There are no message length standards here. It can all last few seconds to few minutes, depending on the content and the way it is made.


These two are usually longer than any of the previous. Both can take up to an hour to deliver the message.

This all may still seem a little abstract, but no worries. We will go through each medium shown up there. I will be publishing a second lesson about logos very soon.

If you like it so far, follow me @deus , and I will gladly follow you back! :)

See you later at another lesson!

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I hope I can follow along.... lol...
might be a little soon for me...but I will try and tag along!
if I find value I will resteem and help pass it along.

I love what you are doing on this post. Can you add your original photos or illustrations to help aide us with a better understanding? Great post.
Congrats, @deus you've been featured on "Steem is beautiful"
I am following, upvoting, resteeming and featuring you.

Welcome to Steemit > I'm happy you could join us.
Hope this Quick Start Guide will help you:

Stay Original >Stay Creative > SteemOn Daily


Thank you very much! And thank you for the feedback, I will try my best :)