"Windows to Infinity" - A Book about Art, Inspiration & Love

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A book says more than 1000 words...

I just received a new batch of my art anthology book 'Windows to Infinty', which was sold out for a while. If somebody is interested to dive deeper into a universe of wonder and crazyness, please let me know and I will reserve one for you.

The book has 240 pages and is filled to the rim with 10 years of my art. The paintings are accompanied by many text passages about our life on planet earth and what it really means to be a human being. It is made to inspire and to put a rainbow spotlight onto our everyday life. My greatest impulse as an artist is to kiss the sense of wonder awake in the viewer, and this book is my testimonial.

The price is 44€...but SBD are also accepted. Let me know...:-)

The books come signed by the artist

selected quotes are spread through the book


"But I think maybe, that on the one hand humans in the future will be very intelligent, and on the other become true mystics. Maybe it will happen that our moral will split into these two components. I could also say: Into mathematics and mysticism."

robert musil 

Upvoting & resteeming makes me happy and keeps my art alive :-)

For more information about my art please visit denniskonstantin.com

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wow! that books looks amazing!!

I like your artwork. Looks like deconstruction of the virtual reality.

great stuff - nice book!
upvoted and resteemed
Twitter: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/964888844096167941
btw - I updated your page in the VAG - done some of my friends, now only 500 more artists to do:


Thanks Otto 😘

Excellent book Meister.
You should add other accepted cryptos... BTC, ETH, LTC.. ect.

Looks awesome duder!

Your art and posts are great. Really a good creator to follow here. I tried going on your site and it does not work. Where can I get your book? It would fit nicely with the Alex Grey book I have. Upvoted and resteemed, it's worth it!


Hey there...I was updating the site and it was down for a few days. It should work now...it is konstantinbax.com! Would be happy to send a book your way....let me know okay?


Hey...and thanks for sharing ;-)


Yes! It works now. Thank you!
Your art definitely deserve more resteem! :)