New Painting w/progress shots & mini story - The Transformation of Candy Whizzlov

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A strange Day in Spring

Candy Whizzlov was an ordinary girl. Nothing much happened in her life besides a few casual encounters with random boys who didn't care much for her outstanding intellect. But one day things suddenly changed for her.

She enjoyed the first sunrays of spring when a bird flew straight into her head. As the bird was absorbed by her mind, she started to feel a strange sensation within her whole body. Everything blew up in dots of colors, with each of them holding a secret of the universe.

She instantly understood the immortal nature of her being and the transpersonality of her soul. After she reached a climax of understanding, she realized that she will never again sell herself below value.

That she is a f#c§in' GODDESS!!!

The underpainting...

...with the outlines of a face

I just added the final touches

"I, Candy" | acrylic on canvas | 30cm x 40cm | original available


“...the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whaterver form. Both are illusions.”

eckhart tolle 

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Thanks for sharing. A very interesting story. Your painting is also very beautiful, it seems there is a meaning contained in it.

The story tells the meaning ;-)

Lovely color and composition. I enjoydoing layered effects to create transparency too. Loved the text on self realization.

Thank you Kathleen 🙂🙏

Amazing image. Your style is really nice. Always enjoy stopping by here to view your work.

Cool to have you around 😉

I thought it was time to check out what you are up to lately. Great piece - first word that came to mind was "delicious" - having to do with taste .... even though Max Ernst once said in regards to taste: "Art is not there to be tasted"
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Thanks Otto...🙂 is a bit like a candybar

yes, I love it, very inspirational story - I shall share it with someone who really needs this!

Nice, man. Really fun seeing your art space. And of course the painting is awesome as always.