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Hello fellow steemians, I just want to share to you my realistic drawings of a woman's face and teardrops of sir @surpassinggoogle . Hope you like it.

first, a woman's face


photos in step by step when I draw the face




second, @surpassinggoogle's teardrops


step by step photos





Materials used:
: charcoal pencil
: graphite pencil

photo and drawn by: @deemmosqueda


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something I can never do.
how long did it take you to draw this?


I think 4-5 hours


nice! in 4-5 hours i would have heaps of scrunched up paper all over the floor with no drawing hahaha
You've done very well. Do you draw in colour as well?

wow very nice arts @deemmosqueda walang kupas you still a good artist ever since.

wow extremely pleasant expressions @deemmosqueda walang kupas you still a decent craftsman from that point onward.

Awesome logo, thank you very much for your effort.
@Teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggoogle has visited you and sent a tear of joy.

We mention you here

A Tear Now Has Value # 11


thank you very much I really appreciate it


thank you very much I really appreciate it @teardrops


wow its awesome @deemmosqueda is really a lucky guy! I wish to be on your list someday :) @teardrops

really nice work @deemmosqueda !! Amazing!

You've actually tried, it very realistic but there is a room for improvement. We'll done job @deemmosqueda

Waaww !!
The painting is very beautiful, I was fascinated with his paintings ..
I like it ..

A nicely done job!
Please post your other artwork
Youre good anyway.

This is just beautiful, @surpassinggoogle gave you a resteem, it had to be great

Good illustrations you got here, keep the good work coming



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A very nice art for @surpassinggoogle. Keep drawing and don't forget to share your works with us.

This is beautiful. How do people use charcoal to draw? I always wonder how they are able to control the charcoal output that it doesn't end up smearing the paper.



Nice art work . upvote and resteem ..



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Excellent! can I ask you, what is use graphite pencils numbers to made this teardrope drawing ?


H, 2b and 6b

very interesting post ,,, clear writing and the picture is clean @deemmosqueda



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This is a one of the most preciuos gifts and talent in the world that i never have. Sometimes when i see these drawings it marvels me and make me want to ask God why he never blessed me with it.

But i know for sure that everyone must not be an artist nor have the same talent with the convinction that i am very good at the one in which God has blessed me with and am grateful to him. @deemmosqueda you are just too good and your work perfect. This is an exhibition of creativity and thanks to @surpassinggoogle for appreciating this work of you hands.

Tearsdrops and a woman's face in such a beautiful drawing, am just marveled.

The more I search in the "art" section, the more I realize my drawings are worthless :D
Great ones, really. Yours faithfully, Sveto.

You have a very good hand in art, I loved the way you draw it, sir @surpassinggoogle already appreciate your artistic as he resteemed this awesome work, try more like this one. I'm not good in it but will try.