Wassily Kandinsky! One of my Favourite Abstract Modern Painters!

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Yellow Red Blue by Kandinsky

Kandinsky was a spiritual artist. He tried to convey his spiritualism in his artwork. Music played a big part in this. Kandinsky felt music could evoke abstract images in the minds of people who heard it.

Many of his painting feature parts of instruments.

Cossacks by Wassily Kandinsky

I can see keyboards and strings in the painting above. What can you see?

Kandinsky, born in Moscow, came from a well-educated family. He had private art coaching, piano lessons and cello lessons. He didn't start to paint seriously until he was 30.

Here are some of my favourite Kandinsky paintings:

Squares with Concentric Circles, by Kandinsky

I made my own version of that one:

Colours Investigation.jpg

There are lots more fabulous Kandinsky paintings so I hope I have inspired you to look him up!



waoo, the first painting is very harmonic. excellent lines, excellent distribution of objects. this type of art my inspiration to build more ideas. thanks for sharing @deemarshall.

I am so happy you like this art! I think it is brilliant :)

Wow I agree with @pollocyber, this first abstract painting shown is so brilliantly balanced. Love the sharp black forms amongst the vivid colors. I believe there’s only seven colors to this painting, a perfect amount it’s very pleasing to the eye and soul to look at. However I do like the other two paintings as well. Very different styles, doesn’t look like the same artist did all three. I also like the way you distributed the colors in your drawing, and how you only chose five colors, very nice! Thank you @deemarshall for sharing ❣️

Thank you for looking and appreciating. I really like this work :)