The Colourstorm Winners for Game #356

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Colourstorm Winners.jpg

badges 8.jpg

Here is the answer to The Colourstorm Game Day 356

owls grey.jpg

Above is the picture in greyscale.

owls grey detail.jpg

Above is the detail I chose.

You were asked, 'What colour this feather?'

card art 15.jpeg

'Owls' by Dee

All artwork in this post is my own.

The answer, as you can see, is:


There were five entries but no one guessed the right colour.


You can check out the entries by following this link:

Thank you to everyone for playing.

Here is a link to the latest Colourstorm Game in case you would like to take part:

1 The Folk Art Colouring Contest header.jpg

The Folk Art Colouring Contest

The Butterfly Colouring Contest header.jpg

Follow this link for details of 'The Butterfly Colouring Contest #57':

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