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In the process of creating a character; after modelling the whole body of the character, unwrapping UVs is usually the next step.(The rules aren't rigid tho).


NOTE: i am skipping a lot of the technicalities, this is just the basic steps.
Unwrapping UVs simply means you are kind of unwrapping the character skin in a 2D window(All the splitting is usually done in the UV Editor window). Unwrapping UVs is necessary in order to get to get good texturing done. There is no specific rule to unwrapping UVs but i mostly start from the head. The head is seperated from the body then split inorder for it to open up like two sides of an orange. Lol.

The rest of the body from the neck to the torso could be split to both front and back. The legs could be split open like an orange too; from the knee down. You also split from the shoulders to the wrist. For the hands; you just split them open like an orange too.(if you get my drift).

Try to see if you can get the individual part of the body from my UV Editor image.


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