Alternate Movie Posters: The Empire Strikes Back.

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This AMP is for a film I'm sure most of everyone has seen on here, The Empire Strikes Back. This rad movie print was designed by Mike of Wonderbros. I've recently set up a deal with them to curate their artwork here on Steemit with you guys. If you like this, feel free to go check them out over on Etsy under the same name. This particular design is for sale there along with a few other awesome items!  


WOW Amazing poster.. glad to watch the movie.. it is very creative.. thanks for sharing..
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Thank you for the upvote and resteem! Appreciate it!

Very cool, thanks for sharing! <3

Gotta share the cool artwork somewhere! Haha.

And, thank you for that minnowsupport vote! Seriously! It's much appreciated :)

Just doing what I can :)

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