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I found this great painting today at a junk store, and was captivated by its combination of technical skill and naiveté. The detail work with the stylized trees make for an interesting scene. When I came home, I researched the painter, and found her to be quite a strong influence in contemporary art, as one of the founders of the Contemporary Artist's Guild! Her name is Gertrude Sappin. Her grandson maintains a website honoring her, here:

I'm especially drawn to the center colors, of the buildings glowing in red, green, and blue. Then, your eye is drawn to the last rays of sun shining on the side of the building, then along the tops of the buildings, and finally down along the tracks. An otherwise mundane scene, improved by the artist's eye with a playful character.

Then you notice the figures. Who are these figures? A mother and child? A child leaning maybe a bit precariously over the edge of a wall, that is strangely too high for someone to be there? It's almost creepy. What do you think?

Here is the label on the back. I'm eager to learn more about this fascinating work of art!




Isn't it? I love things that are old. I wonder when this one was painted.

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