The Beautiful Art and Inspiration of Studio Ghibli

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There aren't too many times in your life that you find real magic in the world. But when you do, it can completely change your life! Growing up I loved watching the classic Disney movies which teleported me to other worlds. But I always longed for more. I was constantly looking for more intricate, believable, and unique universes to explore.

And then I found the wonderful work of Hayao Miyazaki and the animators at Studio Ghibli. The non-linear plots, attention to details, and gorgeous hand drawn animations give the fantasy worlds a true sense of authenticity. Many Ghibli movies also feature strong female leads, a reverence for nature, and amazing music which really set them apart from other animated films.

Seeing the immense creativity and unwavering dedication to the craft, I then realized what it truly meant to be an artist. Feeling very inspired, I set off on my own journey to become a professional artist and creator of beauty. The picture above was my very first canvas I painted depicting Noface from Spirited Away. Since then, I've evolved my art quite a bit but I always return to Ghibli anime to pay respect and get inspiration. Below are a few Ghibli pieces I've made over the years.




Even today, I continue to learn new things about art, philosophy, and life from the Ghibli movies even after so many times rewatching them. I hope everyone has a chance to see what I have seen in these movies.

Never sacrifice your artistic vision for money and never stop manifesting your consciousness into creation.

I would love you hear everyone else's experiences with Studio Ghibli! Please share below and let's connect and learn from each other. Much Love! ~DayDreemer~

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