Soft and Dreamy Star Art

in art •  last year

Common Agenda.00_01_49_12.Still005.png

Hi Steemit!

Check out a few of these Hazy Star shots I got from one of my new DayDreemer videos I made! The full video will be coming out later this moth as a music video for my friend Pi Wrecks.

I really love the dreamy vibes here. Meditating on these I start to get lost in the blurry haze of my mind as I let the soft beauty flow over me :)

How do these make you feel? Constructive feedback always welcome.

Common Agenda.00_01_51_12.Still006.png

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This looks awesome:) May be I'd make it a little brighter, but still awesome:)


Thanks for the tip! I cant wait to share some more shots from the video, Ill be sure to post some nice bright/sharp moments :)