Shpongle Pharaoh - Original artwork by Myself (DayDreemer)

in art •  last year

Good morning Steem!

Today I'm posting this recent pen and ink piece I did with a good buddy of mine, Pete. We have both been heavily influenced by the musical genius of the artist Shpongle. Anyone here familiar? We just caught Simon playing down in Florida a few weekends ago revealing a lot of his new album, Codex 6. It sounded amazing! For anyone interested in psychedelic trance type music, please check out Shpongle. The places my brain goes while listening have had a huge impact on my creative flow and philosophy. Feel free to post any experiences with Shpongle or similar music, i love discovering new artists. Much love everyone!


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Awesome work ;) I like to paint black and white fineliner stuff as well :)


Thanks! I love your blog, lots of quality art/music to discover :)


Thank you very much :) I am happy you enjoy my posts as well :)

Nice artwork, super psychedelic! Great execution of the spiritual warped face vibe thing :-D

I have heard of Shpongle over the years, but not in a long time. Can you recommend a song?


Divine Moments of Truth, Around the World in a Tea Daze, Shpongle Falls and many more!


Thank you! Shpongle has been around a long time now and has quite a wide variety of music. If you like cool world instruments I would recommend the album Ineffable mysteries, especially the song "Nothing Is Something Worth Doing"

If you like a little more intense trippy trance I'd recommend the songs "Divine moments of Truth"

or "Juggling Molecules"

Also keep an eye out for the new album dropping in a few months!