My Encounter with the Magic Mushroom

in art •  last year

Few things have impacted my life more than my encounters with the mushroom. Every time we talk, it is a different story, a different lesson, and a new piece of myself that I discover.

A few weeks ago I decided take a day and journey with the mushroom into the silent darkness of my meditating mind. I came back with new truths about my own direction in life, a renewed interest in artistic creation, and endless inspiration for spreading wholesome knowledge to my fellow humans. I created this digital piece shortly after.

"Mushroom Man" symbolizes the modern age of connection! Just as the network of mycelium connects the plants of the forest, so too does the internet connect the people of the earth. The theme of connection is fractal throughout this amazing universe!


As the great Alex Grey once said, "Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully, profoundly beautiful."

Feel free to share your experiences here as well. What have you learned from the mushroom? How has it impacted your growth? How do we use what we learn to help steer humanity into a brighter future?

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Such a wonderful view, I love it :)


Thanks so much! I love using art to try and communicate what words often cant.

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Truly psychedelic mushroom face. Right up my ally. Following you now <3


Thank you! Glad you dig it, followed back :)