Forest Toad - Digital Effect Breakdown

in art •  2 years ago

Gotta love the creative inspiration from nature!

I have this great video I've been mixing of this toad. I grabbed some stills with different effects to show yall how different effects can be used for digital manipulation.


This first one is a simple hue and saturation shift. If you're in photoshop just go to image-adjustments-hue/saturation and change the levels.

Now this one is a delay RGB effect in Resolume but you can get the same type of effect in photoshop by playing with the RGB channels of your image (once to duplicate it and lower the opacity of the top layer).


This last one is awesome! It's the edge detection effect. It's really important to play with the levels here as the effect will drastically change the lightness and brightness of your image.

Hope you enjoyed :)


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