Can't sign on to Busy

in art •  3 months ago

My steemconnect authorise page just stays blank, and nothing happens. It used to just open to Busy easily and the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to access Busy at all.

Apparently writing Stellar content here can translate into higher rewards, that is funny.

The only people who believe that myth are newbies, once you spend a little here , you see where the rewards are directed.

I was lucky to earn a little on here before it got really bad, and I transferred most of it into BTC so I am delighted how that has turned out for me.

As a regular reader and contributor here on Steemit, I have become jaded by the lack of readers of content, and the circle of vote sharing done by the witnesses and top 100.

Anyway if someone who matters reads this post, I may even earn a dollar, the trouble is I can't count on it. At least on Minds I can make 1-4 dollars every day for my 10 minutes of effort, and I can count on it.

Today I will post one of my original paintings Titled "TWO DAYS" inspired by Spanish culture.

two days (2).jpg

I painted this on an IKEA shelf recycled from the street waste, and used Acrylic as my medium.

Please comment , follow and upvote if your wish too.

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