XL: Original Art

in art •  last year

Here is another pencil and ink drawing of another original character of mine.

This is robot is named 2XL5-7913, but its easier to just call him XL. He's a member of the Rebels, a crime-fighting force from my comic universe. The team just calls him "Robo" for short.

Mario (leader of the Rebels) first began creating XL as a hobby, constantly adding more and more computational power, but his hobby stopped when his creation's AI reached the singularity and became self-aware. Since his initial creation date, XL's intelligence has increased a hundred times over.

He helps the Rebels solve complex math and forensic problems while also contributing his genius to science and technology.

robo xl.jpg

Mike | @dashman | 06.24.17

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Hey man, your drawings are good, but could be amazing if you filled in the detail. Anyway nice work.


Heh heh. Just wait, more is coming. I'm saving my best stuff for later. 😉


Nice looking forward to it. In that case I will follow and if you want follow me at @hazank.