The Princess: Original Art

in art •  2 years ago

I wanted to draw Peach (Princess Toadstool) in my own style. She's always the damsel in distress in all of the Super Mario Bros games. But I had always felt that this really young, hip, and cool-look was how the princess should be in MY imaginary universe.

I didn't want to put a crown on her head, because I think that this princess wouldn't want to wear one.

the princess.jpg

This picture is just a quick sketch really, no colors or ink. But I think its one of my greatest attempts at drawing her in my own way.

Mike | @dashman | 06.24.17

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Simple and beautiful 😊


Thanks! This is how I start all of my drawings, just fine pencil lines. But sometimes (like in the case of this picture) the pencil sketch is too wonderful for me to risk adding color/ink because I fear I might ruin it.


Yes ☺️ the pencil sketch itself looks beautiful