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Hi everybody!

Drawing living persons has always been problematic for me.
But nevertheless, I continue my experiments in their image.

Лесной кот.jpg

I found this adorable cat on Pinterest.
He is probably pet, but since he was in the middle of the forest, I called my drawing like this

My art materials for this work - two set of pastel crayons and pastel pensils


I use blue gray pastel paper Canson Mi-Teintes


For light areas of wool, I picked up neutral pastel shades of cold and warm tones.
In some places I outlined dark spots in brown, where the coat changes shade
In the process of work, I decided to turn the cat in front of the viewer so that a picture differed from the reference


I add other tones and blend the strokes to create the effect of fluffy long hair.


To draw the cat's eyes, ears and individual parts of the muzzle, as usual, I use pastel pencils.


Then I paint the background with blue and green colors.
And also the tree on which the cat is sitting, for him I took several shades of brown, green and ocher


I heavily blend the background near the cat fur.
And I also draw individual strands of wool and hairs with light crayon and pencil so that the figure of the character is clearer

And here is a forest cat sitting on a tree, waiting for prey.
Or he just went out for a walk in the woods

With Love...

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