The tea house sketch

in art •  10 months ago

The most pleasure I have had painting was before I started doubting myself if I will ever be as good at painting as I want to be in my mind.
I have been practicing regularly almost every day, trying different techniques. I even tried, as you already saw from some of my previous posts, altered book mixed media art journaling. The best part of all that practice was that I found out which technique I like the most and I am now exploring my stile - yey! Line and wash (urban)sketching is my passion! If you are curious and you have the chance, you can check out my favorite artist on YouTube - Peter Sheeler. I love his style!

This quick sketch I did while on a ski vacation this winter. I hope you enjoy it! :)


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Great piece! What a lovely little cottage, seems like such a peaceful place :)


Thank you! It is, really beautiful! Including the ~50 little kids and their instructors killing themselves to learn to ski. So I guess it's both beautiful and entertaining :)

Поздравления! Продължавай напред!


Благодаря много :)

Кажи ми честно ! Тази красота в България ли е ?


Казвам честно - да, малка пистичка Кулиното, до Разлог :) Мерси много!

Супер е! Много красиво! :))


Благодаря много :)

Поздравления и успех Дарина!






доста такива места има в България жалко ,че рядко се посещават .Успех


Nice job! :)


Thanks so much! :)