How to take good pictures for your social media channels

in art •  11 months ago

If you are an artist or simply trying to promote your small business online it is very important that you know how to take good, sparkling and catching the eye photos of your art/products. You can easily learn how to arrange the perfect flat lay if you have in mind a few simple steps. The 3 most important for me are as follows:

The first and most important thing is the light – turns out you don’t need expensive equipment to achieve the perfect light. What you should do is set up a light background that reflects light and take the picture using daylight.

The second thing that you should experiment with is decorating your art/product. You can go several ways but two options are: minimal decoration – include a plant or a simple object or go crazy and decorate with a lot of colorful, small objects that reflect the mood and topic of the picture.

The third important thing is how to edit your photo – for this one you can use an app on your phone. There are a lot of choices out there but personally, I like and use Snapseed (for Android) – you can adjust the exposure, the contrast, add text, watermark and a lot of other things that will make the perfect flat lay picture.

I hope this was helpful and happy snapping :)


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Дари,имаш страхотен талант.Знам ,че го знаеш и не е нужно да ти го казвам,то просто се вижда от невероятните ти творби.Прекрасни са.Аз просто им се възхищавам.
Благодаря ти ,че ги сподели с нас.
Поздрави и успех.


Благодаря много! Не съм сигурна, че го знам - доста съмнения се прокарват в главата ми, затова благодаря за думите ти пак :)


Страхотна си ,Дари!Брависимо!


Благодаря :)

Талант! Браво!CONGRATS.gif


Мерси много :)


Fantastic idea! Great picture! You are a pro :)

Красота! :)


Благодаря :)



Thank you :)



Хей, благодаря :)

Имаш наистина голям талант! И страхотни съвети за това как да направиш т.нар арт снимки!:)


Благодаря ти Ани :)


Thanks ;)

браво ако изработваш и фирмени брандове със сигурност ще имаш успех и там :)


Не съм правила, но се опитвам да продавам дизайни за тениски, но е трудно :) Мерси!