Peanuts Ad | The Lighter Snack | Featuring African Wildlife - Elephant & Rhino by @danielwooddesign

in #art6 years ago


I created this advertisement last year for my Instagram marketing page as an example advertisement for Planters Peanuts.

Creating advertisements for large brands has always been a dream of mine. Coming up with a concept, a tag line and an imagery that provokes though, plays a vital role in relaying a message.


I would like to hear your comments. Do you think this would be an effective ad for Planters Peanuts?

@danielwooddesign & EL Gato



I've created dozen of designs exclusive to Steemians on the Steemit social platform. See our previous posts for download links.
I appreciate your comments, suggestions - Daniel


I think I get it. Is it implying that elephants are ‘light’ because they eat a ‘light’ snack like peanuts? I like how it’s so heavy and so light simultaneously.

Is the rhino not ‘light’ because it doesn’t eat peanuts?

I guess all of my years of watching mad men have paid off. 😁

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