Insomnia notes... (Sketchbook)

in art •  2 years ago

I've been working on drawings of stacked chairs for an upcoming project... The majority of these so far are of Gispen Cantilever chairs from the 1930's.

Chair stacks.jpg

(Left: a stack of 5 Gispen Cantilever Chairs - Right: a stack of 4 Gispen Cantilever Chairs.)

Notes 3couch 3 chair plus polesinsta.jpg

(Top: 3 generic leather couches combined together and balanced by a metal pole. - Bottom: 3 Gispen Cantilever chairs combined together with a metal pole.)

10 gospel chairs.jpg

(10 Gispen Cantilever chairs stacked and fastened together.)

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I like it. You and your dad have inspired me to draw a little. I just tried a cartoon for the first time. Thanks for you. The drawings here look very clean. I like that.


Hey @kryptik. Thanks for the kind words! I just saw the comic you did. I liked it a lot.


Thanks man! I appreciate it.