Insomnia notes... (Sketchbook)

in art •  2 years ago

bergdorf insomnia notes 2.jpg

Insomnia notes... A whaling harpoon, a bottle stopper, a chainsaw, a Porter canopy chair pierced by a harpoon, a dead fish in $395 Prada rubber sandal, and a Raccoon.

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Thanks so much @rucoin ! I appreciate it.

That's great work. Very lifelike.

Love this! that chair in the picture is one i've wanted to build for a while. seen something like it on pintrest , so whimsy .
i love you're sketching abilities! keep at it.


Thanks a lot @breanawilson26 !!! Those Canopy chairs are crazy!

Your sketchbook has such a polished and refined look to it. Well done.

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It'd be interesting to think of the story that led to this events. Amazing art. I love your universe.


@jrej Thanks so much!

Your sketch book must be amazing! You have great skill, thanks for sharing. Upvoted and followed :)


Good morning, I've followed you and I see you make a good post congratulations, follow me and we help each other