Insomnia notes... (Sketchbook)

in art •  last year

furniture insomnia notes2insta 2.jpg

Insomnia notes... A John Derian Butterfly Chair, a smashed flower, a John Derian Butterfly Chair with imagined damage, a broken vase of flowers, and a couch that had been attacked by a dog.

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Until you drew this, I never saw the remarkableness of a ripped couch. But it does present an intriguing still life, especially the way you have drawn it.


Thanks @joechiappetta ! There is something so strange about the way the foam looks when its torn from the couch. Its fun to draw. Dogs can do some damage! Ha

Great Sketch! btw I just saw a couple of your object study animations. Definitely my cup of tea. I just started following you. Looking forward to more of your work. Cheers.


Thanks a lot for checking out the animations and for the kind words @jusanabart !

They say in artists we see true glimpses of life, this is a great representation of truth!


Thank you @linzo ! I appreciate it.

First I didnt read the text and imagined a transformed bunch of flowers going for the attack! But it turns out the dog did it :)


@edje Yeah its a dog attack, but I'd like to see the flower attack scenario play out...