My new painting "Elephants". Let's learn to draw pictures that shine in the dark - 18 hours per night, 50 years.

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Hi guys! "Elephants" Picture that glows in the dark

Today I want to share with you my new picture. I drew my favorite elephants. This picture glows at night. In the darkness she is like a flashlight. I love to draw elephants. I already have a large collection with these prekvasnyh big animals. The size of the pictures is not limited, it's like a small picture and a picture that has a size of 1 meter. I drew pictures of an elephant with different materials, most of all I paint oil paintings. Perhaps you've seen my pictures with an elephant image. I love the scale pictures.

You already know how I paint my pictures that are shining. For those who have missed this topic, I will recall.

So, as I write pictures that shine at night:

An image that shines at night. To create this picture I needed canvases, acrylic and fluorescent paintsLight layer. With a good "charge", the luminescence duration can reach 18 hours with a gradual decay after the charging by the light continues to glow, and such cycles are infinite! Resource luminescence of paint / paint / pigment is at least 50 years old. One layer will dry for at least 30 minutes. At the final stage, I will finish everything in the dark, correct the glow so that everything is smooth, uniform, clear.  

I made a photo with a picture specially for Steemit!   

I love to draw elephants. I like to paint pictures that shine at night.

I really like to draw pictures with an elephant image. I love to draw these animals. I have a collection of paintings "Elephant and children." The elephant reminds me of hot countries. I also like people from warm countries, I like to draw portraits of "Children of the World".In this picture, I combined two of my favorite preferences. I like to paint pictures with an elephant. I like to paint pictures that shine at night. 

  •  1.The most important background, it needs to be done first, and no matter what you want to depict, and do not detail anything, do not touch the "main" object. For such paintings use mainly acrylic paints. And the brush, the more the better .
  •  2. Luminous layer. I use varnish prof. Line, it has a longer glow. There are no any color pigments that are used in paints, on the surface it is absolutely not visible. For example, the picture can be one color scheme and the glow is completely different . 

With a good "charge", the duration of the luminescence can reach up to 18 hours, with a gradual decay, after charging with light, glow continues and there are infinitely many such cycles!Resource luminescence of paint / paint / pigment is not less than 50 years.Pigment is not flammable, not toxic, after drying it is not washed off, it is not afraid of heat and cold ...

Apply varnish / paint in several layers. Frankly, I make them about 30 ...One layer dries for at least 30 minutes ☝   

 At the final stage, I finish everything in the dark, correct the glow, so that everything is smooth, uniform, clearBy the way, I tried both paints and varnishes and bought even a single pigment (glowing powder) and planted everything myself.

Producers tried different, many imported ... ordered a lot ...  

If you look good then you can find any paint: Blue / blue, green, lilac, turquoise, yellow ...White / blue, green, lilac, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow ...Green / Green, Blue, etc.Pink / orange lilac ...Yellow / Yellow, Green ...Lilac / Blue, Lilac, Turquoise, Pink ...

Varnishes: Colorless / blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red ...

Powder varieties at times even more.

Separate in the Professional series, Economy, for fabric, flowers, etc.+ All pigments may be different duration svecheniya🤷♀️  

After applying all the luminous layers, you can proceed to the image itself, the foreground.   

Picture in the dark

Live for the little things that make us happy! Glad to see you! Thank you for voting!

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Beautiful painting, i like it!

Thank you!

wow wow wow , great picture with awesome story , if u dont mind i want to re steem it

what do you mean?

i want to resteem yor post . may i ?

yes) many thanks :)

Ur content very good, waiting for u new post. By

hey Daio,

That's pretty cool! Where can I buy those glowing powder? I haven't seen anything like that in my town. Your painting reminds me of the elephants in Thailand.


I ordered them on AliExpress
(thank you)

Very nice painting and the property of that painting to shine is amazing.

thank you!

YOUR welcome

Nice picture

thank you!

Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.

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Wow that's crazy!
Such a talent

many thanks!

OMG it's really nice to see such great and big elephant in your small painting.🤔😁😁
Photo are great but there are also some one who is more beautiful then the photos do you know her.

hahah) thank you ^)

Your smilum is gratum

you have done an excellent job here.some small work can make the drawing more beautifull.thanks a lot for share it @daio


Wonderful piece of art. Looks like flashing digital image.

Thank you! "Looks like flashing digital image." -?

love the colors, great job

Thank you! :)

The elephant is a large mammal of the familia Elephantidae and the Proboscidea order. Traditionally, there are two types of African elephants (Loxodonta africana) and the elephant maximus (Elephas maximus), although some evidence suggests African elephant shrubs and African forest elephants are distinct species (L. africana and L. cyclotis). Elephants spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

thanks for the info.

what a beautiful painting .you are a good artist and you're so creative. @daio, and I am amaze your all drawings and painting. I love it..

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wonderful 😍