Kaleidoscoped photos — from yesterday morning's skate session

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Kaleidoscoped photos —
from yesterday morning's skate session


volt2final 2.jpeg

In continuing with my creation of kaleidoscopic images from photographs from the other day, I'm really enjoying training my eye to see possibilities, and finding the necessary tool in Final Cut Pro to make it happen. One interesting thing about using photographs as source material for abstract geometrical images is that they need not be perfect compositions to produce excellent results once manipulated. To show that, I purposely used one image with the dreaded "finger in the way" reddish blur in the top-left corner, which became an important part of the thumbnail image in this post, lending a smooth orange hue to the image. If there's interest, I may post some step-by-step blogs on my @dpend.extra account showing how I arrived at the final images. I will also include the source images in columns for the curious. I took all of them yesterday morning with an iPhone 8+ when I skated down to the lake. Cheers and thanks for checking out my blog!


source material
finished image

volt2final 3.jpeg

All images in this post are original content created by @d-pend
............to be published to blockchain on March 25, 2020............

volt2final 4.jpeg


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