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Shouting tone deaf
my hearing aid is old,
Hearing speech running
like your nose when it's cold,
Silencing deafening sounds
audio syringe brings relief,
The audience lip read the words
I listen to their chattering teeth,
Inner ear ready to pop
audible otacostic sound,
Makes external ear tremble
as noise radiates around,
The malleus falls out
small hammer laying silent,
Feel the eardrum going with it
pushing wax getting violent,
My cochlea got attitude
i call it cochlear nerve,
It even ate a helpless earplug
its aural appetite is absurd,
Stapes the acoustic midget
is too close to earing,
Complains that its size stops
it getting a fair hearing,
Earwax's audiology pleads
fall on deaf ears,
Earlobe does not indulge
your otic based fears,
Shout for the future
the auricle has precision,
A large listening lug blessed
with outer ear vision,
A song amongst songs
music stops stone dead,
A lobe sits expectantly
inside a restless head.

see call for poets and essay writers here

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What a great idea! I am resteeming for the growing CollaborNation. :)