Curie Author Showcase (February 13, 2020)

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Images property of @paintcave

  • In the spirit of Curie's mission to promote undiscovered but exceptional content, we wish to use this twice-weekly section to provide an author showcase for some of the outstanding authors who received Curie upvotes in past week. Curie curators and reviewers nominate authors for inclusion in this showcase and author approval is sought and attained.

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Featured Author: @rockykelley
"Conceal" by Rocky Kelley. (acrylic)

Images property of @rockykelley

For our first post today we have an exceptional acrylic work of art by @rockykelley. Honestly the finished work looks so damn good it could easily belong to a museum.. It's detailed, captivating to look at, and before all, original. Amazing work @rockykelly!

My painting titled "Conceal" along with concept drawings.. Thank you for viewing my work. -@rockykelley

This author has been away from Steemit for quite a while, but they came back strong. We hope to see more of their artwork in the nearest future!

Featured Author: @mariossap
09-02-2020: Hiking on Mount Dirfys,Evia/Greece...Photos&Video

Images property of @mariossap

Now let's embark on a hiking trip through the mountains of Greece with @mariossap. I was delighted to see that this post got the vote because the pictures really deserve it. Every single one is extraordinary and just plain gorgeous. Makes me want to visit Mount Dirfys some time in the future. Excellent pics @mariossap!


Mount Dirfys is located in central Evia in Greece.
The summit is called Delfi, at 1.743 meters ,which is the highest point of Evia.

Let me share some photos from our hike... -@mariossap

This author posts on a variety of topics, but I must say that my favorites are their travel posts with pictures from the mountains. Every photo I've seen so far is beautiful and I'd really like to see more in the future!

Featured Author: @juliolunar
My Soundtrack for Splinterlands - Track 01 - The Brave March By @JulioLunar.

Images property of @juliolunar

A round of applause for this soundtrack created for Splinterlands, please! It has a great vibe, the melody is really intriguing and fitting for Splinterlands. If you haven't yet, be sure to give it a listen! Splendid job @juliolunar, keep it up.

I have enough time in the world of roll games and I still haven't decided what my contribution to Splinterlands would be.

I finally decided, I would like to share with you the melodies, ideas and images that go through my head. -@juliolunar

This author is a musician and a compositor with incredible talent as it's easy to notice. If you liked this soundtrack make sure to check out their other work, they posted tons of amazing songs!

Featured Author: @kiwibloke
Solar Powerbank. DIY

Images property of @kiwibloke

I'm always intrigued by a good DIY project and @kiwibloke delivered to my expectations. Creating useful stuff from scraps is simply creativity at it's peak. Please check out their custom Solar Powerbank, it's great! Good job @kiwibloke.

I'll briefly explain this prototype:

  • the USB charger module is the heart of this project. With this I can recharge the batteries via the solar panel or a USB mini cable.
  • the voltmeter is not needed I just put it in to read the charging voltage (cheap enough it can stay there)
  • the boost module gives me the 12Vdc I needed regardless of the input voltage controlled by switch 1, which also controls to 5V USB Out.
  • switch 2 determines whether I want the 12V DC Out on OR switch on the LED lights. Using this configuration saves me the cost of another switch, not convinced this was a good idea.

Time to build it ... -@kiwibloke

This author posted tons of posts on carious topics, from biking, to DIY projects and I urge you all to check some of them out, you might learn a thing or two!

Featured Author: @paintcave
HOW TO make 3 color STENCIL painting.

Images property of @paintcave

Finally we have our last post, another amazing artwork for today, this time by @paintcave. The only thing I love more than beautiful art, is beautiful art with process steps so you can see where it all started and learn the process. Stunning painting and a real good post, great job @paintcave!

In this tutorial I will explain how you can make a stencil painting in 3 colors.
Painting with stencils is fun and if you are using the right materials you can use the stencils more then once, so you can create more paintings!
This tutorial is for people who have already little experience in cutting sheets and painting on canvas (and if you don’t have any experience: it’s okay, you will still learn from this)

If you have experience in making a painting with stencil in 1 color you might know that you have to make plan about making the right cuts. When you are going to make multi-color-stencils there are a few things you need to think of and I will explain them to you. -@paintcave

This author is a painter, a body painter, a digital artist, a lot of interesting occupations. They haven't posted too many posts during their time on Steemit, but the ones that they did are simply amazing!

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @ivanm7 (Ivan) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.


I too want good audience and my work to be featured on this page. How can I get it done? Seeking suggestions!

Keep doing what'cha do @curie

All these publications were excellent!