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It is relatively common for artists like Schubert and many others to leave their work as it was, after considering it impossible to give it more beauty, an extra word or a note that could lead into "the wrong tone". These are some famous , incomplete, creations that are really beautiful:

  • “The Adoration of the Magi” Leonardo da Vinci

In fact, this Renaissance painter has a large number of unfinished paintings since, overnight, he lost interest in the paintings. For da Vinci it was important to show the contrasts between lights and shadows. In addition to the virgin, the child and the magicians, da Vinci included horses and frightening human figures. He left the work but thanks to this, we can observe the technique of this artist.

  • “David and Apolo” Michelangelo

This work is a complete mystery for those who analyze it. First, no one agrees on who he represents. In 1550 Giorgio Vasari wrote "An Apollo holding an arrow"; however, in the inventory of 1553 that catalogs the collection of Duke Cosimo I de Medici, they refer to this sculpture as "an incomplete David of Buonarroti". Many of his works remained unfinished, according to Martin Gayford, for two main reasons: the first and most recurrent was desidia, the second, because the patron or promoter left the idea for lack of funds or interest.

  • “Posthumous portrait" Ria Munk III” Gustav Klimt

Clearly incomplete but beautiful, without the typical gold leaf that Klimt placed in his canvases and female portraits.

  • “The Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family” Antonio Gaudí

Considered one of the most important and famous monuments of Barcelona, ​​this cathedral, also known as "Cathedral of the Poor" is not finished. In 1926, when Gaudí died, only one tower was built. The rests tayedin planes. After the Civil War continued to be perfected and to date, the architects continue with the adaptation and improvement so that everything is arranged as Gaudí put it: 18 towers, four on each facade that will serve as domes, a system of six towers that will designate Central dedicated to the virgin.

  • “The death of Marat” Jacques-Louis David

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The same year that Marat was murdered in his bathroom, David decided to paint the tragic fate of his friend. Although David did it in memory of Marat, the bottom of the canvas is unfinished. This deliberate movement gives the painting a touch of glorification: Marat appears with a soft skin although it was invaded by a skin disease, the vinegar-soaked turban alerts us about how sick his friend was.

  • “The Transfiguration” Rafael

Despite being considered one of his best works, Rafael died and left 16 unfinished sections. Some assistants, including Giulio Romano, helped finish the figures on the lower left side of the canvas.

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wow, still amazing! true artwork never feels like it is done.

Absolutely true - sometimes it's the unfinished things that sing loudest. If I was to pick a Michelangelo, though, it'd be the Rondanini pieta - stunning! It's unfinished, but perfect, and it foreshadows all kinds of modern sculpture. One of the great works of European art!