Victorian Lampshade - Handmade by Me!

in #artlast year (edited)

A dark renaissance piece, “Byzantine” by Elegance Lamps is a stunning unique lampshade with deep aubergine silk, regal antique laces, and Art Deco lines. A perfect compliment to dark décor styling.

The vintage style shade was created with hand-dyed silk, ornate antique metal laces, and authentic antique forest green silk velvet manufactured in the 1920’s. The shade is very dark due to heavy silk layering and therefore, it tolerates well a very bright lightbulb yet still provides a dark glow.

Each of the four panels features a suspended faceted glass cabochon, through which plum-colored light shines when the lamp is lit. Handmade authentic silk tassels drape from four corner points.

See the making video at


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