Upcycled Antique Lamp & Victorian Lampshade

in #artlast year

“Jellyfish” by Elegance Lamps is an opulent boudoir-sized antique lamp and handmade lampshade pairing in elegant, subtle celadon tones by day, yet gloriously vibrant color by night. Glittering gold shares space with pearls, sequins, and sparkling bugle beads!

Delightfully shaped, the lampshade is professionally constructed with hand-dyed silk and heavily embroidered, beaded, and sequined outer lace. Accented with amazing tiny antique floral embroideries that I brought back from Paris in my suitcase!

The antique lamp base is a favorite from my collection, featuring porcelain flowers and original patinaed paint.

Handmade with love!

Come see more at https://www.elegancelamps.com




Jelly Wide Etsy.jpg

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