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This week, I'm midway through another interesting lampshade project that I'd like to share with you!

Current Project

This shade frame is called the "mini Claw", and is one of the most unusual frame styles I've seen in awhile. Here's a picture of the frame after i have wrapped it.

I plan to use this stunning 1920's silk Flapper dress for the long panels of the shade. I picked this beauty up on Ebay, and it is pictured here with the fully-lined shade. Since the dress is nearly 100 years old, it is very delicate.

For the underlayment I decided to use a white silk charmeuse. In this photo, you can see the process of sewing the silk onto the frame atop the lining. I just adore the soft sheen of this beautiful silk.


Pictured here, my assistant Dax reveals her complete and utter disregard for delicate antique textiles. She is so fired!

Oooop! I think she heard me say that!!

I decided to use a delicate cream-colored lace on the narrow panels, to pick-up the cream color of the dress. This lace is leftover from a hand-sewn 1800's blouse in my stash of antique textiles.

That's pretty much the extent of my progress on this project. It may be a week or two before the project is finished as, I just ordered some AMAZING antique beads from Belgium and I cannot wait to get them!

Another Project

Every night last week, I worked tirelessly updating my website to make it shiny and beautiful. Here you can see all of the lamps that you've been watching me make over the last year. I'd love to hear your feedback--good or bad. Thank you!

I wish Steemit had a method by which I could accept STEEM for purchases...hint hint.

Newest Project

This is how it all starts. Just look at that astonishing antique base! I've already had it rewired and the socket replaced. I selected a frame called "Mini Turban". It really seems to match the style of the lamp. Now, I need to select the perfect textiles - and I have something in mind. More to come!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

All images © @crytalize.


Oh my Needles!! I feel like I always have so much to say with your posts because you give us so much to admire and look at. I wish we lived right down the street from each other so I can come to your studio and just feel all of these Amazing materials you work with!

I love the idea of using that dress, it really looks so delicate and antique!! I love the textures on it. I literally laughed out loud about Dax, that was so hilarious!! Please give her one more chance lol!! I love how you added the lace on the narrow panels, it really compliments the dress print.

Oh my goodness you’re website looks so beautiful and bright colored!! You have made so many lamps girl!! Congratulations on all of the ones you have sold! We’ll see where I’m at on Steemit in a couple of years and maybe Steem can buy me one of those beauties!!! I am so looking forward to seeing this finished lamp as well as what you’ll do with the next one you are working on!!!! 😉😁 Happy #NeedleWorkMonday dear friend!!!! 💕

Thanks so much, @crosheille! Yes, this one is interesting. You can't tell by looking at it right now, but when this one is lit up with a bulb, the pattern is really, really cool. I'm so excited for the bead to arrive on this one. I found an 88 cm string of beads from the early 1800's that appear intact, still on the tape. I'm certain they were taken from an old slag lamp. I intend to cut and re-string every single bead strand. I cant lose any in the process, because I need 88 centimeters. I've never done this before and it is going to be a VERY interesting journey, because the beadwork has a very specific pattern. Fingers crossed that the package arrives from Belgium undamaged.

Ooohhh now I am really excited to see this lampshade lit up!!

Wow that sounds like a scary and tedious job you have ahead of you with those beads. But I believe in you and your skills and I know you will accomplish this new goal! I’m rooting and hoping for you that all goes as planned and you receive that package undamaged!

Your web-page is very colorful and lovely. If you use the tag "steamshop" there is an account that re-steems it for you. They find all the people who sell on steemit and accept steam. Its very early on in the steamshop game, but I hope it develops. Ive tried adding a few things here and there like I would on my Etsy shop, but haven't really found anyone interested and there's no real way to gauge interest...

Ive also thought about adding the stuff to my Etsy Shop and accepting steam there using the "other" payment method - but my work is small and inexpensive and I don't want to be paying fiat for fees...

Either way, your work is beautiful and I hope we find a great way to sell wares on steemit.

Hi @metzli! Thank you for providing the most coherent explanation of the use of the steamshop tag that I have ever seen! Seriously. An a huge thank you for visiting my website!!!! i really appreciate this advice.

Oh wow, that is an awesome dress! And a shirt from the 1800s?? Wow!!! I would be nervous chopping into them!! Lol! That's so super cool. Thanks so much for sharing the progress of this. I'm going to check out your website. I think making lamp shades is pretty awesome.

Thank you for looking at it @apanamamama! Yes, I was mortified the first time I cut into an old garment. But they usually have wear and tear, and cannot be used as garments anymore. Many are sold as "cutters". makes for a good price on an antique textile!

How cool are all those lampshades! I love that you have a different theme and they each tell a different story . that makes them truly unique and beautiful. I wonder if you have a design with the Eiffel tower theme... 🙂

Hi @wondermaey! Interestingly, I've seen shade frames that mirror the shape of the Eiffel Tower. I just haven't figured out where to buy one just yet. But when I do, I'll be buying it!

Oh gosh, I cant wait to see it. I already know it'll be a sight to behold. Take your time tho🙂

Wow the base of that lamp is awesome. I love all of your lampshades that you have made and are sharing! You are right, hopefully Steemit will allow you to accept steem for payment at some point!

Hi @violetmed! Thanks so much for checking out my website! i appreciate it. Yes, I do indeed want to be a vendor on Steemit, and I hear that work is being done in this space. So maybe soon, we can all make some extra money on Steemit, selling our awesome #NeedlworkMonday goodies.

Nice to meet you.It is a very nice lampshade.
The old dress was born again.
I was very surprised. very nice!

Hi @sumi! Yes, all of the antique lampshades that I make are crafted with antique dresses, scarves, and blouses. I try hard to match the garment with the lamp base, but can't always do it perfectly. I also enjoy making new shades out of modern materials. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

@crydtallize, I always admire your lampwork because they are always inspiring and beautiful. I just checked out your website, you have lots of beautiful and colorful lampwork there. I love your works.

Thank you very much, @wisdoncouture. I appreciate the website visit, and your kind compliments!

I looked at your blog. what a stunningly beautiful lamp you've already made !!!!! I have no words!!!!!!

Why thank you kindly, @tali72! This sort of thing keeps me out of trouble. LOL! Just kidding, I get a kick out of doing it, and I'm so happy that people like them!

I am so amazed at your lampshade work - the fabric choices, the attention to detail, your patience with each project - simply incredible. All of your lampshades are stunning. (And your assistant is a cutie patootie, too!!)

Keep crafting! 💜

Thanks so much, @mrscwin! It is a fun and unusual hobby. The antiques are the ones that give me the most heartburn because once a mistake is made, there is no running to the store for another 100 year old matching textile. LOL. That, and the stuff is SO expensive . But in the end, it all turns out pretty, and that is what matters.

Woooow , that’s amazing idea 😉, I like that.
Good luck my dear friend @crystalize👍

Seeing these pictures, First i thought its all about sewing and designing. then ithought it can be a woman dress. after that i guess its about some cats stuff. and at the last i come to know that its all about a lamp shed . :/

Yes, there is a lot going on in this post, @bapin. But it is mostly about our group and the needlework that we do. The cat is just for fun. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my post!

Yeah it a pleasure to see those pictures...

This is so amazing!!! It probably took a long time!!! These are just so amazing!!!♥♥♥ Im so following you!!! And by the way i love your little assistant!!!♥♥♥

Thanks for the follow, @sneklady! I appreciate your kind compliments, too!

Your welcome and Thank you!

wow, crystalize !!!!! what an amazing rare dress you found !!!!!! you have a real gift to find such things. I'm just amazed !!!! I did not think that such things still exist. very interesting what beads you pick up to this amazing fabric. Dax did not appreciate the dress :))) but I'm sure that she will appreciate the beads :))))

Hi @tali72. Well, Ebay, Etsy an antique stores seem to provide me with all I need in terms of antique clothing. It just takes courage and patience to take scissors to them. Pristine Victorian silk dresses can cost up to $1,200.00, so I buy the ones that aren't prefect and cut around the damage. Yes, the beads for this one are going to be like nothing I have ever done before. I can't wait to get them!

for me this is a completely new area of creativity, so everything you explain to me is very interesting! Thank you for finding the time!

Thanks for the great idea. So you can update the interior in the house.

Yes, indeed @libriya! I have quite a few lamps around the house now that I have made. It's really fun.

Those are beautiful!

Looks like your assistant is not very useful :)
Lamps look great, I love the antique look they have. Hom much time does it take you to make one?

Hi @zen-art! Yeah, she's mostly just for show at this point. Such a funny cat. The large lamps with antique bases take about a month to make, if I end up having to paint the antique lamp base after getting it rewired. The beadwork and painting really are the most time consuming aspects of this process. Thanks for asking!

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To use a dress for a lamp! I would have never thought of this. And yes you are right, the cream colour is beautiful and it looks very elegant.
(If your cat wants a new job, maybe she can sent her application to me 😍)
Resteemed your wonderful lampshade

Thanks so much for the resteem and comment, @neumannsalva! My assistant, Dax, might just love being out on loan as inspiration for project. LOL!

That cat though! :-) She's quite the fluffy ball of fur!
I really like the look of that antique table lamp, those old things fascinate me.

Hi @amberyooper! Thanks so much for stopping by Yes, the old antique lamp bases are compelling. It's hard to not buy them all, but I'd go broke!

your post is really amazing times, it shows you a master of art,
your art in making a light sleep makes me learn every post you to make a light sleep like the tutorial you described in the post, though not how bangus like yours @crystalize

Hi @maulianda! Great to see you here again! Yes, it does seem as though i am always working on a lamp, doesn't it. LOL. I very much appreciate that you always notice. Have a great day!

These are beautiful. I love the re-purposing, and they are so individual.

Thanks so much, @shanibeer! I appreciate your visiting my page and your kind comment!

This is truly inspiring @crystalize ! I really like following your creative process and look forward to that new project.
I have a feeling that Dax would like to have a lamp dedicated to her :)

You know, @cryptocariad--that is not a bad idea! I will need to dedicate a lamp to Dax. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

This is a very laborious and delicate work! The dress is just amazing!!! It's great that you're giving a second life to things!

Thank you, @naditinkoff! I appreciate the visit and your nice comment!

Beautiful! But is looks like Dax has more enthusiasm than skill.

Oh my gosh these are STUNNING! If this was in my budget, I'd buy one on a floor lamp stand in a HEARTBEAT. Amazing work.

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